Plants vs Zombies vs Dummies

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am a dummy when it comes to computer games, until I played Plants vs. Zombies. Look guys I finished the entire adventure mode in one seating! It’s really not the easiest game around, nor the hardest but it sure is FUN to play. There is really no game IQ requirements just a little dose of your brain cells.

The objective is the game is to eliminate the invading zombie army from reaching your house by using an assortment of plants. The battlefield is on your front lawn, your backyard with swimming pool and at the roof, day or night. If the zombies enter your house they’ll eat your brains out.  With the help of a crazy neighbor named Dave, you are in for a wild ride in your lawn. The plants are cute and zombie killers. But before you get these killer plants the player must collect sunshines. Sunshines are primarily earned by planting sunflowers, or through the help of the sun (though you can’t rely on it all the time). There are varied types of plants with different powers and abilities, of course, the bad-ass stronger it is the more sunshines you have to collect, so you have to use some brains before zombies get it. Plants are also edible for zombie consumption. There are pea shooters, wall nuts for defense, bombs, lily pads for water warfare and a whole lot more. Though you wont get them all at once, you’ll unlock one plant seeds after completing a level.

And the real baddies are of course, the walking undead. Oh I love these guys, people should award them Medal of Valors for bravery and sacrifice just to eat plants and your brains beyond the call of duty. These guys are as varied as the plants are, and as bad-ass as the plants are. There are the ordinary walking dead (some they wear helmets and objects for added durability), some giants, miners, ballon flyers, scuba-divers, bungee jumpers, pole vaulters, and the menacing dolphin raiders (the dolphins are also zombies). My favorite zombie is the Thriller costumed Michael Jackson look-alike that dances with four back-up zombiedancers, that’s really a pain in the ass. And their descriptions in the almanac are really funny.

After you finished the Adventure Mode, there’s a cute MTV of the song “Zombies In Your Lawn”, you just can’t help but fall in love with the undead.  The game is easy then turns rather nasty just when you get the hang out of it. This game is also surprisingly deep with a wide array of game modes. After you finished the lengthy Adventure Mode, you can continue you campaign in 20+ mini games, most of them are rather easy to beat but there are really hard levels down the stretch. There’s also the Puzzle Modes all of them involving breaking vases. And there is this Zen Garden mode, a Farmvillish type of game plants seeds, grow plants, earn moneys, sell ‘em and multiply the fun. eww

This tower defense game from PopCop Games revolutionized the way casual games are created. The details are excellent. The game is simple but smart. The game developers made a superb job on making the movie multi-dimensional, challenging the gamers to try a variety of combinations of strategies in different levels of the game. The musical score is perfect taking a soft lively note to a melancholic chill to a breathtaking suspense score during climax. The music can turn chillingly scary when the going gets tough, just takes your breath away. All in all, it is so damn fun. I would really love to recommend these to all my fellow virtual dummies out there.

I rate the game 10 out of ten pencils.

  1. irishprecious says:

    I love this game! I’m not a gamer and I don’t usually appreciate computer games, but this one just rocks! I remember I started playing this during my thesis days. It was a big distraction up to the point that I had to uninstall it and re-install it again after my thesis. :))

  2. lapiskamay says:

    halu irish, yeah this game is really fun. and its not that really hard. i think anyone can play this game too. And it sure is a major major distraction., buti nga nagawa mong i.uninstall (di ko kaya yan girl!) hehe.
    time waster talaga grabe tong larong to. ^^

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