Posted: October 24, 2010 in Photography

If I were to write my to-do-list-before-I-go-to-heaven, I’d probably put Learning Photography and Buy and SLR camera above Visit Japan. Photography is a very exciting art,  diverse, dynamic, versatile and so damn expressive (er expensive?) – a perfect hobby for today’s artists and feeling artists alike. The main objective of this hobby is to capture a moment that would forever be lost in time.

Umagang Kay Ganda featured a segment about a new breed of photography called lomography. Lomo though new is ironically old school because it is not digital, yeah back in the ancient film processing. It is a bit pricey compared to any of its digital counterparts since one must buy  rolls of films aside from the developing process. The camera, is not P50k something but only a mere toy camera with different varities and style, most of them are retro, plastic and toy-ish looking.

But results are revolutionary. The pictures are vivid display of colors distorted and hyperenhanced through lighting and shadows. Lomography particularly exhibit extreme optical distortions. To add some spice, there is not preview of the shots taken you have to wait and develop them. Its the feeling of excitement and risk of clicking without knowing the result will look like is what really matters.  Thus a lomographer’s motto is “dont think, just shoot”, yeah freestyle the wackier, the unconventional, the better. Epic!

Lomography indeed is a tribute of  going back to basics.







  1. irishprecious says:

    Cool! I have a thing for photography, too. 🙂 Here’s to hoping we’ll be able to pursue our dreams of taking great and memorable photos. 😀

  2. kingstar says:

    Good lomo picture

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