Hands Trilogy Part 2: Love Cycle

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Uncategorized


I am not really into poetry. I seldom read poems. I hardly appreciate the beauty of it. Though I can consider myself a writer, I don’t put up a good effort to compose poems. I always find it hard to compose, or even that spark of inspiration to write one. All I know is they are like lyrics edible for music. But there is one particular poem I really appreciate and would like to share it with you dear readers. It is a poem about love using the elements of accounting terms as its motif.

“Accounting Cycle of Love”

I debit your love
You credit my love,
Post to the general journal
To the ledger of your heart.

Let’s bring down the balance
And double rule the amount
Balance will be extended
To the worksheet of our romance.

Trial balance will show
We are meant for each other
Adjusting entries my dear
Will make our love forever.

Closing entries my dear
Will lead us to the church
Post closing trial balance
Constructed to be our guide.

Dear accounting is finished
Let’s see our balance sheet
Does our business profit ? ? ?
Oh! My Goodness


I found out about this poem in an inspirational guidebook for the CPA review a year ago. And damn it is so good I can’t help myself to appreciate it and share it to my friends. The poem was well crafted in a form that follows the whole accounting cycle and yet still maintains its purpose of expressing the poets intention of LOVE. This is the first non-song poem that I truly appreciate. And the amazing thing is that the poet’s identity is anonymous.

There’s something about love, isn’t it?

So let me share what my love is.

When I was in my elementary days, I convinced myself that someday I would become an artist and I’d be on an arts school during college. Maybe because I am very fond of my father’s works in the way he cut letters to be used on stage during program, the way he paints and decorates the school ground, and even the way he drew. He is my hero. I could still remember I drew a lot using my pencil as the medium, and the back pages of my notebooks as my canvass. My mother, who is also a teacher like my father, always give me a hard time when she sees my notebooks full of drawings instead of notes from the discussions. During those years my love for drawing was developed. I had my full attention on drawing and the arts.

But during my high school years, I started to discover the love of reading and writing. One day during my junior year, for some reasons I can’t explain, I grabbed an almost dismantled copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and read it. Fifty pages in, I got hooked and lost all senses. That was the first book I’ve read, my first love for books. The following months came as a blur as I struggled to fit in with the class, and balancing studies, peer pressure, baseball varsity, drawing, reading and yes, writing. Writing just came out of nowhere; I just discovered that I have the gift of writing, or being able to write slightly better than my classmates. It felt natural and liberating. What my mind speaks my hands translate them into letters. I discovered for the first time that in writing where I can truly express my self and something that I can proudly say I am good at. And I love it.

I thought I was going to pursue my love for arts and writing. But for some strange events I took a different path not even connected to my love. Instead of taking Fine Arts or Creative Writing or Journalism, I had my eyes on Accounting and the CPA License. I was not good in numbers my whole life and I really thought it’s a suicide mission to pursue. But with the help from the ONE above I was successful. I now have the degree and the license so many have tried to pursue.

I don’t even know if I really deserve to become a CPA because I know I never really developed the love for the profession. Yes, I love the challenge of surviving the whole tinaktakay ordeal in college.I love to study for the exams. I love my classmates and friends in college who helped me a great deal than they could imagine. I love to please my parents, because they want me to become an accountant. I love working in the school publication where I can write like hell, and draw like there’s no tomorrow. And I love the school and the city where I came from. I just love college life not really the course and the profession.

I am very grateful for everything in college, I was happy and in many ways evolved in to a better man.. I knew I was there for a wrong reason. I never really expected I’d achieve the pinnacle of being a BSA student, who would have really thought? I wasn’t the best student. I flunk exams, sometime intentionally. I do cut classes. I complained a lot. I was not a nerd or a text-book-worm. And I wont say I never cheated. I was rather simply having a good time. There’s no love on it, only passion to succeed and to excel.

But there is still that longings inside. I still love to draw, to learn painting, to write and to read. My hand always itched when I don’t draw, write, and graphic design. I have to make some time to satisfy the cravings. This is  the nasty part of being a human, we are insatiable, we are never fully satisfied. More, more, more!

  1. rahul says:

    a good poem about love

  2. rahul says:

    very good

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