Hands Trilogy Part 3: RUNNING

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Journals, Other Arts

I started running only a couple of months ago when I moved into a new city. My place is just a walk away from the sports complex where  lots of fitness buffs running the oval. One day I tried a couple of laps and that very moment it was love at first sight, er at first try. Running is now my new found hobby. My feet itches when I cant run for three days straight. Not a week goes by without sweating my ass off. I love to run during afternoons while embracing the sunset, and sometimes in the morning when I dont keep stay late the previous night.

I never imagined I can do distance running other than the warmup runs during baseball practices when I was a student. Running, I realized, is not some painful routine only genetically-enhanced creatures can do. It is actually fun, easy and free. My profession and my other hobbies always involves with my hands, so it is something for a change – a change from the required couch potato standard of my profession,well almost. C’mon it is never bad to have something at the opposite side of the perspective.

There are many reasons to love running aside from the no-brainer ‘to be fit’. Running gives me time to think. Sometimes life can get rather busy. I find that on my long runs I have time to destress, think and have some time just for me. There is a certain joy in just being one with the road at times.

I love to run because it gives me a perspective of what is ahead not just the finish line but beyond. Every steps leads me closer to my goals. This gives me the desire not to give up and to push to the limits. Though I have to admit it is not as easy as you see in the movies and animes. Everyday is a chance to improve to be faster and stronger, hoping that tomorrow I’ll past my mark today. A runner’s attitude should be to become better and better everyday. I felt really strong when I reach my finish line. Of course, distance running is a test of endurance

But for me the most important thing about running is that I found myself with one of life’s luxury – inner peace. Inner peace is one of the treasures in life I wanted to keep. My desire to have it always leads me to making hard decisions in life but as the saying goes “How will you know if you have made the right decision? It’s when you picked the harder choice yet your heart is at peace.” It is not always through running that I try to get there; sometimes it is through writing, drawing, reading, meditating, cracking jokes, or being with my loved ones.

Angela Lidon, a hot blogger, once posted “The ability to take your emotional junk and leave it on the pavement is something I have not found in anything else but through running. For some it is yoga or walking or skydiving, but for me it is running.” Oh it’s so true all I wanted to do was clear my mind and reclaim my inner peace!

I run.



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