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Posted: December 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

What’s currently happening on the online community is that more and more people are changing their Facebook profile pictures into cartoon/anime characters. The happening was not a surprise to me since I’ve noticed my siblings’ profile pictures turned into thier favorite anime characters. My big sister used the not-so-innocent boy Crayon Shin Chan, and lil’ bro got the cute robot Doraemon. A significant number of my friends are doing the same with characters ranging from Bleach, Gundam, Pokemon, Naruto, Dora the Explorer etc. And just two days ago I joined the club!

Nobody can trace when this started, or who was the catalyst for this cyber phenomenon. But it looks like this is local happening since none of my foreign friends have ‘animized‘ their profile pictures so far. But the big question is why do people animized their profile at the first place?

  1. Obviously animizing is already in hyped nowadays, so people just joined in the bandwagon.
  2. Some people are not that confident of their appearances so they opt to ‘outsource’ some good looking characters as proxy.
  3. Third reason some guys just don’t have the tools or enthusiasm to take a shot of their image, so for convenience sake they just accidentally or deliberately upload their favorite cartoon characters.
  4. They like the characters so much they want to look like them. Unfortunately Vicky Belo doesn’t have the technology so what the hell they just upload the character’s image as the outlet of their frustration.
  5. It’s a way to remember a happy part of our childhood.

But I believe reason Number 5 is the most plausible reason I can think of. Filipinos loves to revisit the glory days of the past, especially the innocence of our childhood where life is not complicated. Most of my generation used to love watching cartoons when we were little (even grown ups still love watching them). So it’s no surprise that just once in a while we animize our facebook profile to remember our childhood. A related online incident happened a couple of months ago where a bunch of Pinoys (including some showbiz personalities) started twitting almost anything about the what they missed about the past, it was nostalgic event that lasted a whole night.

By the way, the character I’ve chosen is Kyoichi Kanzaki, one of the lead characters of the 1999 melodrama Boys Be. The anime is only a 13 episode OVA shown on AXN a decade ago, perhaps only a few  can remember this one. It is my favorite anime because of its down to earth simplicity. There are no superpowers or giant robots, but a rich tale of the characters’ coming of age encounters about first love and first heartbreak (and everything in between and after).  I chose Kyoichi because he can write and draw, he’s an artist (like me ^_^), his girlfriend is a runner (like me), his best friends are a computer nerd (not really me) and a baseball player (like me), whose girlfriend is a booklover (like me). Indeed it was influential on my part. I believe its still a good watch for teenagers, it has lots of lessons to grasp and the narrative of the story is exceptionally romantic.

All of these animizing of facebook profile pictures is a great testament that we, young Filipinos, know how to relive our past. Though cartoons and anime are only a small part of our childhood, we can’t deny that it is already a part our modern culture. Others may have grown tired of watching them, while others continue their support it is still a fact that we have been entertained, sometimes molded, by the stories and their characters.  This also proves that online community is a dynamic place where people interact and exchange ideas.

Yes, we grow that is part of our society, but it is never a bad thing to relive our childhood and the past in simple ways like animizing our beloved facebook accounts.

  1. mike gerald david says:

    it’s really a campaign for recognizing our support for anti Child Abuse movements around the world…this ends Dec. 6…haha.. =)

    • lapiskamay says:

      wow thank sa info dude!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks thanks. Wow di ko akalain yan pala ang purpose nyan, malamim. you just gave another idea to wright another post about this. tnx.

  2. jackieB says:

    I think it is worldwide facebook trend but dont know where it first started ^_^

    to ‘outsource’ some good looking characters as proxy. agree! hehe

    • lapiskamay says:

      hi Jackie, oo paang international din pala., salamat. hehe
      for anti Child Abuse movements around the world pala purpose nyan.
      oo naman perfect oppurtunity to para maging cute mga mukha natin sa facebook. hehe

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