Naughty Boy’s Christmas List

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Journals


Probably the all-time most Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) during Christmas is  Santa’s “Have you been naughty or nice?” to children. But given the chance to be the recipient of the question, my answer would be a resounding – very naughty! Nyahahaha… with matching evil laugh.

This year has been a part stressful and part disappointing one for me. It’s my first full year out of the academic life to join the real world. But I seem to fail the challenge with drowning colors.  For that and all the mischief I made I am a naughty boy this year. I expect no gift from Santa this year.

But in the unlikely event that one might consider giving me gifts. Here’s a helpful list that holds the key to my material side of happiness this Christmas. Note that I made special consideration all of the items are below P500 to make it easier the potential donors. Tax Free.

  1. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (novel) – there’s no other book that got so much attention through the word of mouth than this. Yours truly is not spared. It is written by an unknown author yet captured bestselling status. Even the Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, got so much interested in this book that he bought the rights and directed the movie adaptation himself, after a 4 year hiatus. I’m dying to read this book book, a likely candidate to be my last novel I’ll ever read in a long time. Costs P315.
  2. Sketch Pad – you might be intrigued by the last sentence, it’s because I’d have to minimize my reading habit to make way for drawing and writing. Novel reading is very addicted and time consuming so it has to be wiped out next year. I’d be spending time on improving my drawing and writing skills, and there’s no better thing to do it than a sketch pad. Costs P100+/-.
  3. A pair of secondhand running shoes – this year I was ordained a running fanatic. The basic requirement for this kind of ritual other than passion and willpower is a good pair of shoes. I had my first running shoes from an ukay-ukay shop because I cannot afford to buy brand new. For a second pair, a secondhand will still do. Costs around P300-P400.
  4. Frisbee disc – when you are into running inside a sport complex oval you are likely to get interested in ultimate Frisbee. Oldies and newbies, guys and cute ladies alike play them. And it would be nice to have one for practice and recreation this Christmas. I promised to enlist my nephews and a few kids from the neighborhood to try Frisbee. Its mad fun you know. Costs P450.

  5. Cebu Map – after moving into this new city I realized I have a nasty sense of direction. I frequently get lost whenever I go to a place for the first time. It can’t be helped because the traffic route policy in Cebu is a big mystery I am yet to crack. Can somebody give me a f* map!!! I always thought whenever I get lost. Costs P180.

  6. Red Cross baller – I’ve been a regular blood donor for the Red Cross for five years now. This month I’ll be on my 20th bloodshed. One of the priceless (because it’s free) benefits of donating is the cute catching red ballers they gave in return. It got the words “I’m a Blood Donor and I Save Lives“. It was cool thing to behold.. until they stopped it. Shit! Now, five time I’ve been denied already. I heard they have a new baller design; slick black with a red Red Cross emblem. Costs nothing (unless you bribe other donors to have it).
  7. Our Daily Journey – it’s a spiritual booklet I get to read everyday for the last two years. I was reading Our Daily Bread before (for five years) until I got bored, so I shift to ODJ. Every article have photos for the title (like my blog), and they are good photography! The contents are nice too. I have given seven issues last year to my friends during the CPA review. But this year, I cant seem to find any 2011 issues anywhere here in Cebu. Costs P78. 

Christmastime is a season of joy and giving. Because when you receive something you have joy, and if you give something it’s a greater joy (though it could hurt a little in the pocket). Sharing of gifts, love and blessing is the true essence of Christmas. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice (though the latter are likely to receive more ^^), as long as you have the heart to give, and something to give too. The Lucky 7 list I wrote is nothing but immaterial material objects. And I promise I will not destroy Planet Earth, if I won’t receive any. Besides I could buy them myself sooner or later. But as unlikely it may be that I’d receive any, I’d surely appreciate it. There’s really no better gift than spending Christmas with your loved ones, which I’m sure I looking forward to.

Merry Christmas everyone!

  1. irishprecious says:

    Noted. Expect a package on the 25th! 😀 LOL

    I read The Lovely Bones. Great novel. Gave me goosebumps. 🙂

  2. lapiskamay says:

    thanks again irish! sana nga may magpadala ng package, though i’m not counting on it. hamon lang at family ko sapat na sapat na yun. ^_^

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