2011 Bucket List

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Journals
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So 2010 is finally over, and the crowning moment for New Year’s resolutions officially begins! However, because of my lack of aptitude and, yes, interest of keeping resolutions all year round I long ago quit making them. What’s the point of keeping them I’ll forget them next month anyway. But I do have my yearly bucket list.

Note that New Year’s resolutions are sort of promises to do or not to do we impose on ourselves; promise to be socially active, promise to exercise regularly, promise not to get late and study hard at school yatata yatata. While bucket lists are goals we try to accomplish before the year runs out like: to get a girlfriend, to slim down, to have a perfect attendance and passing grades at school. However the term bucket list have become so notorious being referred as the list of final wishes created by dying people, and the term resolutions are now encompassing both the context of the two terms defined.

So here’s my lucky 7 Bucket List

  1. Dapitan Stopover – Why? Well if one is fond of history and our National Hero one will understand the importance to go down there this 2011. It is Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday comes June 19, 2011. Though he was born on Calamba, Laguna it was in Dapitan where he was exiled and spent the last few years of his life, or probably the happiest year of his life. Dapitan was the place where he met his wife Josephine Bracken (Oh how I wished he should have stayed in Japan and married O-sei-san).
  2. Youngblood Appearance – I only discovered last year the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s tri-weekly (Tue/Thur/Sat) opinion column Youngblood where the voice of the young Filipinos are  heard. The articles are all about anything that’s got to do with the 20+ something, and man it’s so compelling and fun to read! It is the voice of the young Filipinos unplugged. And I want to be a part of it (no matter how many articles I will send).
  3. Zero Fiction – NO reading of novels. I know it sounds like a resolution, but trust me I’m a passionate reader and not reading good fictions in a year is a real thing to accomplish. It’s like a Plants vs Zombie character the Buckethead Zombie without, well, the bucket. He always wore a bucket part of it was to assert his uniqueness in an uncaring world. Mostly he just forgot it was there in the first place [excerpt from that game’s hilarious Almanac].
  4. Do a 21k I love to run but I’ve never attempted yet to go beyond the 10 kilometer barrier I did during my college years. Doing a half marathon this year isn’t so bad. Besides If Piolo Pascual can do it, why can’t I? hahaha
  5. Saving for SLR ­– Just because I love writing doesn’t mean I don’t like photography. I also want to take on photography seriously as much as I would do writing. The time isn’t ripe yet to upgrade my Cybershot cam to a more powerful SLR. For now my goal is to save and NOT TO BUY an actual camera this year.
  6. The Draft – No I don’t mean I’d enter the NBA Draft. A draft meaning a script and the initial layout for a graphic novel I’m planning to make on the long run. It seems like I will be busy with a lot of things this year so my goal is only to finish the draft. The story is Top Secret but I can tell you it is an historical drama. For the meantime I have to improve my writing and drawing skills.
  7. SECRET! Seriously I can’t really tell. This involved an act I’ve never done before; the thought of it alone sends shiver to my bones. Hahaha. Well, It’s for you to find out and me to keep.

Happy New Year everyone and good luck fulfilling your own New Year’s resolutions and bucket lists.

  1. irishprecious says:

    Youngblood Appearance–interesting! 🙂 Hope you accomplish them.

  2. lapiskamay says:

    hehehe sana nga eh. personal goal lang naman, promise di ako magpapasikat. ^_^
    a friend blogger, Jackie Belo of (http://witchwishyou.wordpress.com/), recently achieved it last week!

    pumasok ung Bus Ride nya!

  3. […] oh by the way, looks like the trickiest part of my 2011 BucketList for 2011 is now a thing of the past. I just made the Youngblood column of the Philippine Daily […]

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