T-Shirt Malfunction

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Graphics, Journals

My elementary alma mater, the Bontoc Central School, recently celebrated it’s second Grand Alumni Homecoming last December 28-29, 2010. The first one was the year my father started teaching at that school and that’s before I was born. So its kind of our maiden homecoming for us ‘young people’ and man what a blast it was!

Despite the lovely rain showers, everything went according to plan perfectly except for one minor glitch –  my batch’s t-shirt. OK before I say anything further let admit I’m the one to blame the most, because I designed the t-shirt. I want the design to be simple and single colored to cut some cost for the printing.  I am also aware there are earlier designs submitted but I did not saw it until lately. But for some reasons my design was green-lighted. So here goes my design:

I used an X-Men themed for the design because ‘X’ is the Roman numeral for 10. We graduated in 2001 by the way. So the shirt color should naturally be gray or tin. Unfortunately the final product did not resemble by a mile.

Naturally I was very disappointed by how unfaithful and erroneous the t-shirts turned out. Mad? Hell yeah!  Who wouldn’t? No matter how one will defend and explain in this situation its the designer who gets to blame. And if I deserved to be blame?  a Yes again. The one who printed the shirts happens to be one of my batchmate in elementary too, so I did not bother if he can pull-off the job. C’mon the guy has done it for years. He probably have his reasons why he came up with that final product. I could think of some: 1. He’s got eye defect. 2. He doesn’t like my design. 3. He got some ego issues. 4. He was so so busy with the other batches’ orders  5. He can’t do it as is to the design because of the lack of time.  The first three are all jokes.

Whatever the reason the job was a bit overpriced for P140 per shirt. I am an accountant and I’ve been close to this printing business its one of my first memories. My father used to print shirt to earn extra income. Never as bad as this.  In college I also made voluntary job as t.shirt designer, usually multi-colored, and the fee never got past P130 per shirt.

By the way sorry for losing my cool for posting this profane remark in facebook. Really sorry. (The next comments are not so nice.)

If only I saw these designs I would surely not design my own at the first place. These are great designs i took from Ms. Jourdan Tantoy’s profile. So I have to charge this to experience. So hopefully by 2013 we will have a better batch t.shirt and lesser complaints.

  1. jackieB says:

    hmmm…..all i can say is move on hehe…there may be glitches but at least you had your shirt. You should congratulate yourself for coming up a design for your batch 😀

    Happy New Year, Lester! 🙂

  2. lapiskamay says:

    thank you Jackie. i was glad they approached to design, but i did not expectd it will win the green light. it was not a 100% effort and flawed at the first place, technically we are still in our 9th year, so this march pa tlaga ung X-nniversary (thats part of the blame game) I am hardheaded sometimes you know.

    Happy New Year too Jackie!

  3. irishprecious says:

    It was the time spent with them that mattered most, right? 🙂 At least naka-batch reunion kayo.hehe

    Congrats pa rin! 😀

    • lapiskamay says:

      Thanks Irish, sa bagay, the best talaga makasama at makita sila muli. nakakawala ng pagod at frustration hehe. an dami ding nag.attend sa ibang batches din. ang saya saya.

  4. Vanessa says:

    pwde po bang mag iba nmn kayo ng style? ahm, pero ung pink nmn, pls!!!!?

    • lapiskamay says:

      yeah, i saw it too. many batches shared the grey motif for their shirts. hopefully by next homecoming we will dazzle everyone. hehe
      I already have an idea for the concept design. it’s wicked cool. ^_~

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