Miss Bontoc Tourism 2011

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Events, Journals, Photography

The town of Bontoc, Southern Leyte is once again celebrating its annual Town Fiesta. One of the most highly anticipated event for this year is the search for the Miss Bontoc Tourism 2011 that showcases the town’s local beauties. This year ten lovely candidates  vied for the crown, one of them is my friend and heavy favorite Ms. Shara Jane Tibon, the sole bet for barangay Poblacion. The pageant was held last Wednesday, 12th of January,  at the Bontoc Municipal Covered Court. Below are the photos of the candidates.

The event is sponsored and organized by the Bontoc Local Government Unit (LGU), headed by Mr. Resty Milagroso CPA, who is also the Chairman of Search Committee, with Federation members Mr. Jourdan Tantoy and the rest of the gang. Bohol based fashion designer and talent manager Mr. Rhigel Vir Dulfo also co-produced to add much needed spice for the occasion.

The biggest highlight of the event howevever belonged to the panel of judges composing of ramp and commercial models Leo Miranda, Renzie Ongkiko and Ervin David, actor Kris Martin, and multi-awarded Boholana beauty queen Ms. Mary Lovely Ligones.

Judges from left: Kris Martinez, Renzie Ongkiko, Mary Lovely Ligones, Ervin David and Leo Miranda.

The event kicked-off with the candidates’ dazzling production number with their lingerie dress outfits. Lovely. Then followed right away by preliminary Q&A portions, which was quite less desirable when some of the candidates forgot their answers. Stage fright. Then came everybody’s favorite part of a pageant, the swimsuit competition where the candidate ignited the whole stage with their heavenly bodies. The candidates were clad with the swimwear collection designed by Rhigel Vir Dulfo. Scorching it was. The next part was the evening gown competition round up the elimination round.

Ms. Shara Jane Tibon shows her winning figure on the Swimsuit Competion.

Final Five

The five finalists on their evening gowns.

The five candidates who made it to final were candidates No. 2 Ms. Mary Ann Rey of Paku, No. 1 Baby Rizza Maputol of Hilaan, No. 6 Ms. Roien Yvonne Meole of Divisoria, No. 8 Ms. Shara Jane Tibon of Poblacion and No. 5 Naome Tomaub of  Divisoria. Each of these ladies, for the final Q&A round, was asked the question: What is your stand on the issues regarding the proposed Reproductive Health Bill in the Congress? Are you a Pro or Anti-RH Bill? All of them answered against the bill. No surprise but I would have loved to hear someone in favor of the bill. It will surely make an interesting argumentation. Personally I keep asking myself why did they pick that question when this is a tourism-themed event, not a ‘separation of state and the church’ engagement?

The results for the minor awards:

Best in Production Number – Ms. Roien Yvonne Meole

Ms. Silka – Ms. Shara Jane Tibon (will represent in Ms. Silka Leyte)

Ms. Photogenic – Ms. Baby Rizza Maputol

Ms. X Factor – Ms. Shara Jane Tibon

Best in Swimsuit – Ms. Shara Jane Tibon

Best in Evening Gown – Ms. Baby Rizza Maputol

Darling of the Crowd Award – Ms. Shara Jane Tibon

The 18 year-old fighting pride of Poblacion Miss Shara Jane Tibon was crowned as the runaway winner for the title. The second year BS Accountancy student in Univ. of San Carlos also bagged four out of seven minor awards for a total domination from start to finish. The first runner-up went to the fifteen year-old Divisoria National High School student Miss Roien Yvonne Meole. And Miss Baby Rizza Maputol, a 16 year-old Secondary Education freshmen in SLSU-Tomas Oppus grabbed the second runner-up honor.

It was a wild and fantastic night for a beauty pageant where the crowd cheered so wildly to the judges, excuse me, the hunk judges than to the candidates. There’s no doubt it was a very entertaining evening for Bontoc where beauty stands out and admired,  and where pageant-ignorant people like me (I’m a naturalist when it comes to female beauty) attended just to see some models. Special thanks to all the sponsors and organizers who made the event possible. To all the candidates congratulations for a good effort in participating you were all beautiful that night (and please don’t wear too much make-up).

And to Shara congratulations! We are all proud of you  and thank you for honoring our deal we made the day prior to the pageant to have this shot. hahaha

Done deal ^_~


  1. arguilles says:

    yes..i love it..thank you for posting these specially for those who missed the highlights of the pageant..at least they could get in touch with those moments right?and i so agree with you with their picked winning question..i mean, why that?it doesn’t regard with tourism..but still loved the pageant..way to go sir..

  2. lapiskamay says:

    you are very much welcome..indeed i post this entry for those who missed the celebration, especially those who are far away. i myself have been absent for a few years na, until now.
    About the question we should leave it just that, there maybe some reasons behind the selection. all in all it was a successful event.
    God bless.

  3. elsan austre says:

    thanks for this site sir.. at least i had a glimpse on some of the the highlights of the special affair of the Miss Bontoc Tourism 2011. I am updated on the events on whats happening on my hometown we back 20 years ago. thanks a lot & more power. God Speed sir.

  4. lapiskamay says:

    your welcome ma’am Elsan. please visit again this site by Sunday philippine time, I would be posting the other activities in our Fiesta. Hope to have you here in the next fiesta. More power to you also and Godbless.

  5. Nel-nel Masendo Navarrosa says:

    Pit Senyor!

    Thank you so much Mr. Lester for this! Now I know where to go to get the latest from Bontoc!

    You know what? That night of January 12, was the night when I really stayed late in front of my pc…hopefully waiting for someone to post the results of the pageant. I was so desperate that I posted on facebook a kind of “bribe” 🙂 to whoever can post first! Thanks to Lourdes Anciano and Lovely Catarman who responded to that call. It was only early tonight that I found this link from Joan Idjao’s thread in FB, thanks to her too! This is an excellent post sir!

    Looking forward to your next postings of the rest of the Bontoc Town Fiesta 2011 activities. It will surely keep me from missing our hometown! 🙂

    More power and God bless you more!

  6. lapiskamay says:

    Your welcome Ma’am Nel, thanks for dropping by. dont worry i’ll post the coverage of the fiesta celebration for the benefit of those who were not able to attend. Its a pleasure to contribute something i love doing, though in a very small way.
    …bribe jud! hahaha sayang wa namu na.upload dayon ang pix. hehe.
    God bless you always Ma’am and Pit Señor!

  7. irishprecious says:

    Congratulations to your friend, Lester. She’s lovely.

    And I agree with you on the final Q&A part, it kinda weirded me out, too.hehe

    • lapiskamay says:

      oo maganda talaga xa. hehe.
      ..knowing her since she was a little girl and always her ate Demi’s (my classmate in Elem, the smartest) baby sister. Its quite amazing to see her now become a beauty queen. ..never felt so old like this. hahaha

  8. Reigh P. Monreal says:

    I would have preferred the question to delve on Bontoc tourism. Like: What is Bontoc’s greatest tourism asset? How do you promote Bontoc as a tourist destination? What will be the role of Miss Bontor Tourism? The town is nowhere in the tourism map. A beauty pageant alone cannot promote a town. I believe Bontocanons with influence agree that a lot of work still needs to be done in regard to this industry that is virtually nonexistent in the town. Good luck to Bontoc’s future developmental undertakings.

    • lapiskamay says:

      thanks for your opinion sir and I absolutely agree with you. There’s still a lot of things to do to promote the town. Up to now i am still unaware of any websites or blogs that promotes the beautiful spots of Bontoc. but the tourism officer of Bontoc happens to be my friend and classmates in Elementary so hopefully i could tell ‘our’ inputs.
      Thanks for visiting!

      • Art Cuadra says:

        lester nice post! this would help us a lot Bontocanon OFW’s to be somehow part and be updated on the latest happenings to our beloved town. good job and thank you very much!

      • lapiskamay says:

        hi Kuya Arturo, kumusta. thanks for visiting my blog.. its a great honor to receive messages and thanks like that. I’m glad to have contributed somehting to the Bontocanon community here and abroad. Godbless and pasalubong inig.uli ha.

  9. Art Cuadra says:

    haha.. sure, lay blema na…. hinaut makauli ter kay murag la nako kaatend sukad sa fiesta since 2006 pa.

  10. Shara says:

    wow! im speechless!! magnificent kuya! a writer and an accountant all in one! thank you kuya dok!

    • lapiskamay says:

      halu Shar! majo kay nakavisit ka diri. heheh thanks sa compliment. hehe it means a lot kay gikan jud sa star of the post. hehe
      Congratz Shar we’re very proud of you. ^_^

  11. anEckA says:

    congrats shArA ……
    wHat a nIcE PhOtOs !!!!!

  12. Judy Tacardon Sarmiento says:

    Hi Lester. Congratulations for a great job in satisfying our thirst for updates on the recent town fiesta activities. This is the closest thing I could get aside from being there in person. I have no doubt in my mind that you have other talents aside from being an accountant. Remember? I told you there are other ways to communicate aside from just mere talking. The pictures and your captions/editorials, whatever you call it speaks loudly. Keep up with the good work.

    • lapiskamay says:

      Hi ma’am judy, thank you for visiting my blog. and i’m really glad you love my post. I’m very happy to contribute something for our town in my own little ways.
      Its quite a liberating experience for me to maintain this site where i could channel my ideas i dont usually talk with my friends and be true to my passions in life.
      God bless.

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