We Are Young, We Are Strong

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Journals, Music

We are young, we are strong.

These are the first words of the song a commercial used that caught my interests a week ago. I searched for the title of the song on the internet only to realize there’s no sane blogger that posts about TV show commercials. I sat in, relaxed, shut down the PC and listen for some music over my MP3 player. I was shocked to hear the same music being played in my eardrums when I’ve already  given up searching for it.

The song turned out to be a part of the OST (official soundtrack) of the hit movie Kick-Ass. The title of the song is “Kick Ass (We are young)” written and performed by British singer MIKA. I personally love the movie. It landed Number 3 on my countdown last year. You guys should watch it if you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably even heard about it and it’s bad-assness, so I wont force myself to make a review about it because its too freakin’ cool to handle. But one of the things you have to watch out for in the movie is it’s musical score.. you know, the background music with no lyrics. The score is awesome and heart-pounding you want to jump on roofs in tights. I downloaded the albums weeks before, well, that answers the reason why that song landed on my iPod. ^_^

The song is about inspiring the weird and unlikable, and even to the young people as well. It got emphatic notes thats blends sow well with MIKA’s gay-ala-Steven Stlyer voice. The lyrics is quite simple, easy to sing, but relatively strong of quality. I love it.

End of the post. Warning the next paragraphs are written by a delusional guy. Proceed with caution.

The lyrics make me remember my forgettable high school years, and somehow resemble the one feature on the movie. I was educated in a local suniversity in the neighboring town of Sogod. It was supposed to be the training grounds for the brightest  young minds in the area until they put some undesirable kids (who did not passed the entrance exam, lucky for them their parents work at the schooll). Our batch suffered the most. It was simply contaminated. There were two classes in the class; the cool and the uncool. I am sure a part of the latter. Me and the uncools (etc Bontocanon), were the objects of unpleasant jokes and some physical threats. We cant even fight back, heck I could have beat them bloody myself.  I did not fight back like a man should, that’s my second major major mistakes in life; my all-time is simply flunking the UPCAT exam which should have been my ticket to UP – the home of the best (and cheapest) arts school.

But I know those dark years of my life were a part of a grand design created by the Great Architect. College went in as a culture shock when people in Maasin City and Saint Joseph College were so friendly, respectful and doesnt really mind too much about levels of society. I knew its my time to rise and kick some ass, not literally. There I regained my self-confidence plus the addition of a positive identity for myself as a good writer with a secret friendster blog. I was young then, and I knew I could do a lot of things in  life, and even achieve something. For the first time in my life I had the idealism that I could be a part of the change the world needs.

We could change the world/On a silver platter… We cold make it better.

I wanted to forget my high school years like it never happened but deep inside I am yearning for a reunion.. maybe perhaps to boast what the the Bontocanons have achieved over the Sogodnon. How silly. The uncools are the ones who made it big and became professionals.

It’s so lovely to be young and to feel strong. There’s so much to see and experience in this world. So my message to all the young people out there is to come out of their shells, pursue what you want in life and live to the fullest. I may not be able to pursue writing or arts but I am happy to have this wordpress account as my liberation front.  I am contented having a job, go home and right and draw and watch movies and run the next day. It doesn’t really matter whether we belong to the places we’re in, what matters is we endure partnered with our best efforts. We are young. We are strong.

And now on my 26th post i finally dont make sense, because its Thanks God it’s Friday and I have to fulfill my postaweek 2011! Hahaha

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