The Passion of Joey Velasco

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Graphics, Other Arts
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He was a rich businessman who just lost his left kidney after a major operation. Hope were little for him the doctors said. In pain, shamed and depressed he withdrew his self from the world. Inside him everything turns pitch black. He was good as dead already. Good bye BIR, good bye dear wife, good bye everything. Desperate, he prayed and asked the Lord to give him a rope that could pull him off that darkness and see the light once more.

God give him a brush instead.

That began the amazing story of redemption of  a man who almost lost everything. He painted. He painted without even a formal training to do it. His hands coordinated straight from above. He closed his eyes and see his image. He open his eyes, the paintbrush does the rest. The palettes laid with colors as colorful as his imagination. He close his eyes again, and sing. Thanks God I’m going to be your paintbrush, he said.

Pictures of the artist and his artworks are taken from his website at

Joey Velasco has been a staggering example of hope and faith. His paintings have reached out to millions of Christians, even changed the lives of many.  They are a picture of Jesus set in the contemporary world. Jesus having his Last Supper with little children, no street children. There’s the Nativity scene in a kariton. My favorite’s the one where Jesus took a painful break sitting on a cross while a child offers Him a glass of water. I drew a version of it with chalks and cardboard and landed as my cellphone’s screensaver for three years now.

I Thirst

His main subject is Jesus and faith in the harsh realities of our world. Poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, exploitation and greed. He rolled them poignantly with innocence and hope. His artworks haunt the let the viewers see themselves reflected in the obras; as window because it opens for them a horizon. You can’t help your self but be amazed by the degree of creativity and quality of the paintings are once you are in front of them. I never seen a man cry watching a painting, recalled Joey before his death last year.

His talents literally came from above. He was God’s fine instrument of goodwill. Cheers to you Sir Joey! Though your artistic was shortlived but you’ve left a lasting mark on the many. It looks like its never too late for me to start painting.


My Hear Beats For You


Hapag Ng Pag-asa


That We May Live

More pictures of Mr. Velasco’s artwork can be viewed here.

  1. irishprecious says:

    Super cool. I’ve always dreamed to be an artist. 🙂

  2. lapiskamay says:

    hehe thanks Irish, Sir Joey is so amazing for inspiring many young ‘wannabe’ artists like us. ^_^ I think you are an artist yourself, you’re a great photographer!

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