I Bleed, 20

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Journals
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I won’t admit anything if I dated someone last Valentines. Well that’s for you guys to find out and me to keep. But I can reveal it was a great day for me. ^_~

Part of that day I spent inside a Red Cross blood center not to chase those cute volunteer nurses but to fulfill a vow – to donate blood. I celebrated my 20th blood donation this valentines which I really consider a great personal milestone. A poignant encounter with a little girl who has cancer had given me the idea to donate every valentines day (read the full story here). V-Day isn’t just about giving roses and chocolates and taking your girl to some fancy dinner, it’s also a good day to give something red as love is, our blood. Give love on Valentines.

Unfortunately the little girl eventually passed away last October. May she rest in peace.

Time has passed so fast I can still remember when I had my first one five years ago during my freshman year in college (all for the glory of my lone flat 1 grade in my TOR). Nobody, even me, could have guessed I’ll reach 20 in blood-letting. Perhaps my humanitarian idealism got a little more personal during the succeeding years.

There are many reasons to donate our blood:

  1. It promotes healthy blood circulation.
  2. It saves strangers’ lives and maybe yours someday.
  3. It proves you are not a coward and are immune to needles.
  4. If you’re a guy, you should feel like a hunk with a million pogi points (see picture below).
  5. The free ballers are really cool to wear.

another benefit for being a blood donor. ^_~

Many people have asked me why I keep donating blood that it could pass as a bloody hobby. All I could answer is I really don’t know. I can’t explain the feeling when you feel your blood is flowing outside your body. It just feels good and gratifying to help save another person’s life, at least I have an idea what it feels like to be a hero. People will not understand these words unless they try donating. And how I wish I’m good at convincing people and beat that f***’g fear of needles.

But for my 20th donation I do have my reasons for doing it in a Love Day celebrated by millions around the world. It’s my own little way of saying Thank You to God. I simply want to thank God for giving me another year in my life (I turned Jordan a few days before V-day); for healing a princess; for keeping my friends with cancer strong;  for the warm reception from readers; for the second chances I received to get back on track again; for the gift of writing; for the blessings I don’t deserve to have, and for simply putting me where I am now. Life is to good not to share it with anybody.

This is how I’m going to celebrate my Valentines in years to come – the bloody way.

  1. jackieB says:

    I want to donate blood, too. Unfortunately, I’m underweight so I’m not qualified! hehe… I also don’t have a good experience with Red cross. They weren’t really accommodating when we asked them to affiliate with our church activity. anyway, Happy Valentines! Belated!hehe Hope you continue to share your blood 😀

    • lapiskamay says:

      Jackie you should try again. hehe kumain ka ng bongga for 1 week tapos punta ka ulit sa Red Cross. Hmmm when it comes to the accomodating stuffs, i couldnt disagree. minsan talaga di sila accomodating kahit nga sa mga donors. but they for sure they have their reasons. tough job.
      Belated Happy Valentines to you also Jackie. La vita e bella.

  2. irishpreciou says:

    That’s one cool bloody hobby. 🙂 I tried participating in a blood-letting activity before in our University, but the doctor said I’m not qualified.

    Anyway, keep it up. You’re helping a lot. 😀

    • lapiskamay says:

      You can try again Irish next time. minsan kasi one day you are unqualified because you are underweight or lack hemoglobin, or the girl period, or having high pressure count.. then the next day pwede ka na. maraming beses nakong natanggihan dahil jan. hehe
      please do try again my friend.. ^_^

  3. iamronel says:

    wow ill try this out soon,..:)

  4. istarblog says:

    oh my, quite afraid doing this, i hope i can pretty soon, so that i can help other people lives like you did..:)

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