Tangled: Untangled

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Drawing, Film
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Disney Picture’s newest animated film for 2010 was the surprisingly heartwarming fairytale of Rapunzel in TANGLED. This 3D picture was only released here in the Philippines last month of February. But the long wait is certainly worth it.

The Brothers Grimm film in 2005 about the authors' lives and their fairytales.

The title was originally called Rapunzel but was later changed to ‘Tangled’ to broaden the scope of the audience beyond the young female specimen, you know most boys and grown ups aren’t particularly interested in fairytales movies. There’s no way I’m going to spend money and beg my roommates to watch a movie with a title Rapunzel. It was also perhaps because of 2009’s The Frog Prince did not performed well as expected in the box-office despite the positive reviews. Rapunzel, by the way, is Walt Disney Pictures 10th fairytale princess adapted into the big screen by (how many can you count?) and the first to have a title not related to the character: Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan, Pocahontas – you know the drill fill in the blanks.

Enough of that geeky background stuffs (oh please I’m not a geek, lots of girls flirt with me!). Let’s go to the concept of the story. There’s no denying the guys at the Disney studios are huge fans of the Grimm Brothers and their gothic fairy tales. Yes, Rapunzel came from the Grimm’s fairy tale short stories back in the medieval ages – so does Snow White, Cinderalla and Sleeping Beauty. Don’t worry the The Brothers Grimm were given first class epic-gothic-biopic treatment to the big screen portrayed by Matt Damon and the late Heath Leadger. They’d be proud so proud to see their works come to life and warmly embraced by the world.

The character Rapunzel portrayed in Tangled somehow gives me creeps despite her overwhelming charm (and her lovely slight overbite). Like the entire Disney princesses from decades past, I mean all of them, she is beautiful, innocent, finely drawn character with a great voice (thanks to Mandy Moore). But truth shall prevail as the story progresses you’ll soon realize this blond princess is a fake one! She’s a man inside a princess’s body. No, she’s not lesbian that’s gross ano bakayo hehe. There’s just an obvious upgrade to this character no other Disney princesses got – she can kick some butts. This girl is no damsel in distress. She tortures her supposed rescuer. Armed with a frying fan, which comes in nastier as an element of pain in the story, she grew into a character that is very assertive, often shrieking and violent – really bad-ass. Hollywood needs more of that; Angelina Jolie can’t do it alone – She’s Got to Love Nobody.

Rapunzel one of the most well-developed animated character I have seen. She comes in as a fresh relief to the all-too-good-damsel-in-distress stereotype. Her big eyes and her slight overbite make her expressions and awkwardness with lifelike clarity. The 3D character is also well drawn to the last detail under the impression of the traditional hand-drawn craft of the past century. There is sweetness and innocence (and confidence issues) like a princess in her character and yet represents the independent spirit and courage of a modern heroine. That really makes her and the movie so fun to watch.

To wrap things up Tangled is timeless yet contemporary tale that makes us believe in magic and innocence once again. This is a story of self-discovery and stepping up to face the challenges life has to offer. It is a coming of age story that speaks of the universal language of trust and self-confidence and optimism. And most importantly this is a one heck of a romantic story.

Bonus. Here’s some of the original concept arts release on the internet. They are very nice.

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