Posted: April 12, 2011 in Journals
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I am now about to leave Cebu just when I really thought I finally belonged to this city. I will be heading to an island paradise a day’s journey away. I will be assigned in indefinitely or in other words ‘as long as you resign’. It’s an order coming from the highest man in the Company. My fate was sealed the moment he signed that travel order. Goodbye Cebu.

No, I will be coming back I promise you that. I still have a lot of unfinished business in Cebu but for now I have to leave and grow up. I was never the guy to be assigned there but with the original guy’s last minute act of betrayal left the Company with no choice but to send someone single, competitive, hardworking and a pain in the ass to get rid off – me.

Why do I have a weird feeling this is some sort of exile?

In all honesty I don’t wanna be there. One, I am so damn in love with Cebu and its people. Two, it’s nearer at home. Three, I am not comfortable working 72 hours per week. I am a free-spirited young man who has many interests in life and with that schedule how will I insert writing, drawing, running, blogging and messing around? But when you think about how the Company hired me without discrimination and prejudice, when the time when I was rock-bottom I don’t think I have the decency to runaway. This is my shot at redemption and I am going to give my best and sacrifice a great deal for the Company.

But in all honesty also, this assignment isn’t so bad at all. Didn’t I mention that I was going to Boracay – one of the best beaches in the world? Yes, it’s the place everybody is dreaming of visiting this summer. For sure there are a lot of stories out there to tell; random people waiting for me there to share time with; and the white sands and the bikinis are better be worth it.

I can swim, I can write, I can draw, I can run, I can work, I can earn, I can meet people and I think I can manage out there, hopefully. This is just one part of my life where I have to go places and expand my horizon. It’s all a part of growing up and taking up responsibilities. I believe this is a good opportunity for me both as a person and as a professional.

Tomorrow my summer will begin. I’m giving my next 500 days of my life experiencing Boracay – its going to be my very own 500 days of summer. Perhaps I could meet my Summer Finn out there.

Welcome to Lapiskamay’s Boracay Chronicles.




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