So here I am now in the island paradise of Boracay. I really wonder who the heck turned this place into a big city-like community where the internet rates (1$ per hour) is sky high! That’s number one of the two flaws I’ve notice in Boracay. The other is the sky high living accommodation.  And the more I see price tags after price tags the more I am convinced this island has the highest cost of living in the country – so there goes my meager salary L

But man, the beach is awesome! And the sights are heavenly. I think I’m gonna like it here.

So how does one goes to Boracay? 

From Manila one can ride a plane for Caticlan Airport.  Then ride a boat at the Jetty Port and blah welcome to Boracay.

If you are from Cebu one can book a plane to Caticlan Airport. Ride a boat at the Jetty Port and blah welcome to Boracay.

However in my case I have to travel by sea and land not just because I love to see the country side but also it happens that the Company did not give me any money for my relocation. Pareimburse ka nalang..

The travel is simple and easy to remember but potentially painful.

  • If the hunk comes from Cebu he can ride a ship going to Ilo-ilo City, either Cokaliong or TransAsia (word of advice choose the former).
  • When you get there at Ilo-ilo City Port ride a taxi (P300) that will take you to the Tagbak Terminal in Jaro, Ilo-ilo. Ride a Ceres bus (P400) heading for Caticlan, Aklan which will stop at the Caticlan Jetty Port after 7 excruciating hours of travel. But wait here’s a twist to that!

–          Alternative: after arriving at Ilo-ilo port find the secret agents that will ask you “Para sa Caticlan kayo? Dito nalang kayo sa amin sumakay”. They’ll take you to the parking area with the express vans. They’ll take you all the way to Caticlan for only P500 and they drive fast with just 4hours of pain.

  • When you arrive in Caticlan (you are very very close my friends) pay the boat fare, environmental and terminal fees at the Jetty Port.
  • Arrival at Boracay and enjoy the beach and the sun and the bikinis and the sky high prices around.

So here’s the summary of my travel expenses.



Taxi Fare going to Cebu Pier 4


Taxi Temporary Vehicle Pass to Cebu Pier Area


Cebu Terminal Fees


TransAsia Shipping boat ticket, Cebu – Ilo-ilo City


Express Van fare from Ilo-ilo Port straight to Caticlan


Boat Fare (P30), Environmental Fee (P75)  and Terminal Fee (P50) in Caticlan Jetty Port


Meal Expenses (no receipts)


Tricycle fare from Boracya Port to Station 2




Now where  do I find an affordable boarding house?

  1. irishprecious says:

    Sa Boracay ka na assigned? Cool. I’ve never been there.

    At least enjoy ka while working. 🙂

  2. eldieflor laurejas says:

    Boracay is a dream for me… at least you are living it for me les.. hahahha. Anyway, very informative yung blog mo. So mahal naman ata ng fares. Good luck.

    • lapiskamay says:

      hi eldz, i believe your dream is a very reachable one. ^_^ You can visit bora anytime you want kay rich na baya ka. hehe ingna lang ko if m.anhe U. Thanks for reading my blog. ^_^

  3. Great information here! I´d like to recommend this site for more info about things to do in Boracay.


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