I’ve just survived my first week in Boracay in a state of massive adjustment to the island’s multicultural lifestyle, high prices and mosquito visits. But at the same time I’m having a good time discovering its charm, beauty and notoriety of being the place closest to paradise.  But somehow I still find myself blogging despite the ridiculous $1 per hour internet rental. My office life is good so far, less stress, longer shifts and the staff meal is a mystery. I have to report on three offices, one hotel each for every Boracay’s front beach stations.  Run boy run! Yeah I should request a mountain bike. My officemates and hotel staffs are nice and they seem to be easy to work with. And yes, maraming magaganda.

Then I realized it’s already Holy Week and I’m stuck in an island.

I spent my first 21 Lenten Season with my family  staying at home (watching boring TV shows),  enduring the deafening silence of  the small town, and enjoying my mother’s homemade dinuldog (a Visayan delicacy eaten on Good Fridays, just imagine a halo-halo on a soup).  But this year will be completely different because the way I see things here in the island I’m going to have a wild and not-so Holy Week by the beach. It’s so ironic the rest of the archipelago is having their ‘Week’ on silence and meditation while Boracay has festival of concerts, night life and bikinis.

But being a true Christian believer I am proud to have my own sort of penetencias to endure this Holy week:

  1. No Family – I’d easily trade anything just to be with my family especially tomorrow where used to go to Church (and endure the longggggggggg siete palabras sermons), then after that we eat dinuldog with a great deal of family bonding , then watch the Catholics’ prosesyon to great our friends and finally proceed with our movie marathon. Such activities I really kept looking forward year after year until work has kept me from having that kind of pleasure for two straight years now.
  2. No Church – I cant go to church here in Bora because (a.) I don’t see a UCCP church around here, (b.) my works schedule won’t permit and (c.) I’d lose my job if I skip letter b. I’ve been to a nearby Catholic Church during Palm Sunday and after the mass it took us an agonizing hour before we can rent a tricycle to get back to our sinkhole quarters.
  3. No Camera – one of the (unwritten) cardinal rules in Boracay for both tourists and slaves of capitalism, I mean, servants of tourism like me is to NEVER SET FOOT ON THE SAND WITHOUT A CAMERA. You violate that and you’ll miss half of your life – OK that’s an exaggeration per se. But God gracious Almighty what a thing to behold such scenery of fine white sand sparkling under the summer heat ‘where life is simple, girls are beautiful and boys are boys are lucky’. But when you have an eye of an artist not having a camera is such a bad, no, a horrible thing to come to terms with.
  4. No Conscience – I think I might have to soak up my Good Friday in the beach and party all night long and pretend it’s just an ordinary day.  Instead of sikwata ug puto it will be pulutan ug Boracay Rum. I just have to deal with the hangover later. Now that’s a real penetencia.

Ah wait, you guys seen my binoculars? hihihi

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