If you haven’t heard about Bruno Mars and his musical popularity you probably came from, well, from Mars! Certainly this half-Filipino, half-Puerto Rican singer/writer/producer from Hawaii had slowly entered out of nowhere and make himself spotted on my radar (for good creative stuffs) the past year. He first appeared in a string of collaboration of hit songs Nothing On You, and Billionaire. He has already won a Grammy Award and a cocaine possession controversy. And just last year he solidified his mainstream popularity by releasing his debut album titled Doo-Wops and Hooligans.

The album debuted number three in the US Billboards in October 2010 selling 55,000 copies. Since then Bruno Mars took the world by storm reaching top spots in international sales and hit charts leaving shrieking his name “Marry me Bruno!” What a lucky guy.  The album’s carrier single Just The Way You Arecaptures the heart of every girls to melt. It got honest yet simple words that capture the heart romantically in a soft and soulful melody. No wonder it is fast becoming a modern and effective pang-harana song. Estoryahee!

The other single from the album is “Grenade” a stark contrast compared to Just the Way with lyrics that reveals  dark and desperate behavior – like catching a grenade, jumping a train, putting a bullet through the brain for a bad woman who won’t do the same (c’mon man find another!) But I like its up-tempo piano on the background that blends well with the aching lyrics and Bruno Mars soft falsetto voice.

There’s another track that left all the Gleeks (dei-hard fans of Glee TV series) out there last Christmas going gaga is the song “Marry You”. It is somehow one of the most memorable scene in Glee season 2 where the bridal entourage were all dancing and singing as they entered the ceremony (Ok I’m a glee fan but not a gleek or a geek). It’s a pop song that sounds really good you wanna dance and propose to the girl next to you. If I am not wrong it’s the TV series has already performed/featured three of Bruno Mars’ song: Billionaire, Just the Way You Are and Marry You.

Other songs noticeable songs from the album are Count on Me, a light and simple song about friendship; Liquor Store Blues (featuring Damian Marley) yes, it’s a reggae song that talks about despair and frustration on life – a potential theme song for the depressed (one shot for my pain, on shot for my sorrow ♫ ♪) and Talking to the Moon, a melancholic ballad of a broken-hearted hopelessly staring at the moon.  The other tracks from the album are Our First Time, Runaway Baby, The Lazy Song, and The Other Side (ft.Cee Lo Green and B.o.B.).

To wrap things up Doo-Wops and Hooligans is a great album worth wasting with. It got tracks that are well written and well produced by the singer himself. The love songs are straight forward, charming and simple. It’s quite unbelievable this is just Bruno Mars’s first album – a strong sign that this is just a beginning of a long and illustrious career.

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