Today I declare my love to a Miss Universe – and my biggest mistake is not seeing her win the crown. I was working some unnecessary overtime for  some fancy hotel when they aired the Binibining Pilipinas Universe.

As I’ve said before I am never fond of beauty pageants in any levels. It just followed my customary tradition of watching only the swimsuit part. But my regret comes from not expecting that this year’s Binibining will produce such an outstanding winner with a resume so unparalleled by anybody in history.

I only got the news of the results of the pageant ‘days’ after. So I YouTube some clips of it. Then I bumped into this video of the talent portion the eventual winner performed. And I had the jaw dropping moment for a lifetime.

She drew!

Oh drawing is such a rare talent. You can hardly meet people who know how to sketch or paint because of the skill’s reclusive nature – it is done best inside studio or someplace peaceful not in a stage full of people. When it comes to pageants you can expect contestants to sing and dance, sing and dance – so gasgas, so generic. Great. The best thing the audience can expect is to have a someone perform fire dancing.

But Miss Shamcey Supsup wowed the crowd and blew the competition wide open the moment they saw her sings her heart’s desire and dances her charcoal pencil against the canvass. She was graceful like a ballerina. Slowly figures of a mother and a child materialized and the element of surprise took effect when she grabbed that piece of cloth and rubbed against the drawing. OMG Is she erasing her drawing? Is she throwing away her performance? Is she nuts? No. She was merely doing one of drawing’s most common techniques – smudging. It gives drawing more depth and texture, even life if executed perfectly.

She did.

And she won this unconquered heart of mine. (so poetic and so pathetic of me, I never even met her!) I am nuts for girls who are talented and creative e.g. can write, can draw. It would be really nice to have someone who shares one’s secret passion. Hey I can draw too.

Miss Shamcey Supsup will represent the Phils in the Ms. Universe 2011 at Sao Paolo, Brazil on September.

But the surprise isn’t over yet. I totally overlooked the newspaper headlines “Board Topnotcher wins Bb. Pilipnas Universe”. No. 1 baby, number 1! I went on to learn that she graduated magna cum laude in the University of the Philippines – Diliman. She finished BS Architecture – a course very close to my heart but never pursued (because I so goddamned flunked my UPCAT exam.. so I followed their advice ‘mag-accountancy ka nalang dong’). I told myself my God this woman is so… perfect.

In a Ricky Lo interview in The Philippine Star,  Shamcey Supsup was asked: What’s the biggest mistake that you’ve committed and what did you do to correct it? (talking about that major-major phenomenon courtesy of the galactic  Ms. Venus Raj last year)

Shamcey: Being afraid of making a mistake. Before, I never tried modeling & joining a beauty contest because I was afraid of failing. I was sure that I didbest in academics, kumbaga that was my niche, until I realized that if I didn’t try anything new, I’d never  gain anything new. So I went out of the box and joined the Binibing Pilipinas pageant. Now I know that you learn much more outside of the classroom by meeting all kinds of people.

Well said, you answer that way and the Philippine would have its 3rd Miss Universe. Until then we can only pray for her success comes September in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She’s got the brain and the beauty and trust me she’s the best bet we got. And she’ll be making a lot of noise out there. Watch out Universe, Shamcey’s coming (and I love her!).

  1. derek says:

    very natural description.. but im so proud talaga of miss Shamcey, sana maiuwe niya ang crown everybody is expecting too much from her at isa ako dun! god bless, enjoy the pageant, training kasi kung lagi mo lang iisipin na kailangan kong manalo kailangan kong manalo mawawala ka sa side na kailangan ko ding magenjoy!

    • lapiskamay says:

      indeed we are all looking forward for her success in Brazil. sana nga maiuwi nya ang crown. at syempre mag.eenjoy talaga xa dun. so no worries. she’s a smart girl, she’ll know what to do. i hope the judges too.

    • rabe says:

      well said Kuya. Like many other Filipinos, I too have fallen in love with this lady 🙂 She’s such an eyesoar!

  2. tim says:

    that’s nice…

  3. mar says:

    I like Shamcey very much, hope she will win.

    • lapiskamay says:

      we are all crossing our fingers to see her win that crown. we never have this kind of candidate with a lot of potential to win. let’s pray she can deliver!

  4. decerie Delutaツ says:

    breathtakingly beautiful !

  5. […] world was shaken last April when a certain Miss Shamcey Supsup waltz around to become the runaway Miss Universe representative for the country. Her credentials […]

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