(all photos stolen from the internet… as usual)

On April 29th the world stopped to watch the Royal Wedding between Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton of nowhere. The wedding was broadcasted globally and watched by a staggering 2 billion souls. But also on April 29th I slept the whole day.

Ask if I’m not interested to the wedding and their love story? The answer is NO. I’m a fan actually having secretly followed their on-and-off affair since they went public ages ago. And for God’s sake the prince deserves some real happiness after the traumatic marriage of his parents, the paparazzi harassment, the divorce and the very unfortunate car crash that took Princess Diana’s life. He’s been strong, very strong and I think everybody knows that. But for me to watch their love story upgraded a different level is absolutely unnecessary.

I don’t like weddings. I don’t attend any; the last time happened in a childhood memory I can no longer recall. It’s like a closure in a handcuff for a guy to finally behave, find a wife, make a baby, and settle down. Game Over. Where’s the love and the freedom? This is democracy. Oh I so hate relationships with high-end commitments attached. Wedding, oh please, I’m so uninterested. It gives me creeps just the thought of it.

But with all candor (that’s British term for sincerity, blimey) I congratulate Will and Kate for the very nice wedding I never saw and for a day you got the world went madly in love over you. And by the way condolence to all the hopeful girls out there (don’t worry Harry is still single).

Wedding fever - prince-william-and-kate-middleton fan art

that's thePhippa Middleton - the gorgeous bridesmaid. I think I wanna marry her.

Ah wait, before we get to that inevitable dress discussion, have you seen Kate’s bridesmaid? My God she’s dazzling, hot, gorgeous, and lovely rolled into one. Oh that’s Kate’s sister Philippa Middletone! Alright boys I think we just spotted our most eligible bachelorette of the decade. Pippa, Pippa, Pippa!

Ok here we go: finally for the first  time in my entire freakin’ life I finally get to say Marry me Kate! I mean “man, that wedding dress is nice! Kate simply looked gorgeous like a real Disney princess wearing it. It is very elegant yet simple –  a delicate combination of tradition and modernity.  The Queen chooses well for lending Kate her tiara, it matched perfectly with the dress. Princess Diana would have been so proud of his son for winning the jackpot.

How come I keep talking about Phippa and the dress and that borrowed tiara when I did not even saw the wedding. Simple it’s on the papers everywhere and everyday this week I cant take it no more! This post is my closure to my royal wedding snob. At least I’ve done something about it, you know as if I’m now a part of history, wedding of the century, yatata yatata…

Frankly I’ve never seen a wedding so overhyped and syndicated at this magnitude that it’s impossible not to hear about it. Perhaps the world just wanted to celebrate and witness this handsome prince find true happiness. Or maybe the other way around – where we get to see a real life Disney fairytale where an ordinary girl get married to a prince. Oh my fairy tales do come true.Wedding fever - prince-william-and-kate-middleton fan art

But to hear a young man sleeping the whole day doing nothing, I think that’s unforgivable. (kamo mo ba moduty sa Boracay ug graveyard ) What a snob, a royal snob. What the hell.

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