They found Osama bin Laden unarmed during the 40-minute hellfire of their top secret covert operation in a compound near a military school 50 kilometers away from the Pakistani capital. They don’t know who their target really was until a few hours earlier. But the world knows him like a rock star for the last decade: America’s Number Enemy, head of the Al-qaeda terrorist organization and the master mind of the 9/11 Attack. The elite raiders called him Geronimo.  And putting a bullet on this bastard’s head is the sweetest victory of them all.

Without hesitation they pulled the trigger. Bang! They radioed Washington “Geronimo EKIA, its over.” Enemy Killed In Action. And the world will never be the same again.

Inside the Situation Room, where these guys watch the operation on real-time. What's with the lace thing?

Situation Room, White House, Washing D.C., President Obama, members of the national security team and a few people gathered around in front a large screen. They just witnessed the whole operation in real-time. It was the longest 40-minutes of their life. Barrack Obama never looked so stoned face before. But in the end it was worth it. An hour later that speech to announce to the whole world about the death of most wanted criminal and the most elusive fugitive has world has ever seen.

The world suddenly forgot the royal and Obama’s birth certificate. In London, people dancing on the streets. In New York, families of the 9/11 attack shared hugs and candles. In Ground Zero, more people rushed to the streets and celebrate as if Team USA won the FIFA World Cup.

In a span of forty minutes an élite Special Forces unit accomplished what would be history’s most significant covert operation. According to a top US Military official it was the Navy Seal Team Six who handled the job.

The Navy Seal Team Six is made up of only a few hundred forces based on Virginia.  US Military Official won’t confirm which specific unit carried out the attack. According to the Associated Press Seal (sea, land and air) units or officially known as Naval Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) is a special operations brotherhood that calls itself “the secret professionals.” Officially, Team Six doesn’t exist.

When they operate a mission,  failure is not an option. These are brave men have undergone rigorous training. They are built to withstand the worst conditions and they are poised to go back to base no matter how critical the situation is. They know how to fight, armed or unarmed. Their main goals are simple: attack the target, bring it home capture or dead, and search for evidence. They’ve seen actions in far more dangerous missions in Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan (God know where else). They are the best from the best, like an All-Star team. And Osama doesn’t stand a chance.

I wonder what the Delta Force’s comments. Oh, humors are these two fabled groups have a serious competition over the hunt for Osama Bin Laden since the beginning. At least they still have the bragging rights of capturing Saddam Hussein late in 2003.


Kathryn Bigelow of The Hurt Locker is spearheading the race to adapt the hunt for Bin Laden.

The hunt for Osama bin Laden has been a long pain in the ass work of espionage and its recent closure at the hands of an elite squad watched live by the president himself makes for a perfect Hollywood spy thriller. The story is there, its dark, serial and real. The scripts were written all along they just couldn’t get enough spark to green light a production. But now that suddenly it has an ending its movie adaptation is inevitable.

The hottest name on the list is Kathryn Bigelow, the first woman director to win an Oscar in 2009. Her movie, The Hurt Locker– a story about an adrenaline addict bomb US bomb squad member –, earned her the Oscar nod beating AVATAR and his ex-husband James Cameroon Her style and sense of aesthetic dozed me off every time I see her movies (boring that is) but I have to admit she has the best shot at nailing this project. I hope she will put on the same guys who starred on The Expendibles.

  1. Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp says:

    I have a poem that is dedicated to all of the Navy seals……My ex was a Navy Seal and believe me they do a fantastic job in whatever mission they are undertaking.


    A special group of elite men,
    Ready to get the job done,
    We salute each and every one,
    Because you are someone’s son.

    They always have a plan of attack,
    And they do it with so much force,
    That’s why we depend on them,
    Because they are par from the course.

    We are so grateful to all of them,
    And now we can shout with glee,
    For because of what they did for us,
    We are now finally free.

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