It was a gloomy day, literally and figuratively, for most of the Philippines when Manny Pacquiao fought Sugar Shane Mosley yesterday at MGM Grand, Las Vegas.  It was a day of no sunshine even for the island of Boracay. Tropical storm ‘Bebeng’ made landfall yesterday in the Philippine territory causing heavy rains, strong waves, and massive waves in the popular tourist destination.  Some stores were forced to close, and the tourists seemed to be contented to spend the day indoors watching the fight creating a rare “no man’s land” scenario in the usually jam-packed shorelines.

Once again, just like in many places in the country, the world stopped to watch our National Pride fight toe-to-toe with one of boxing’s most celebrated superstar ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley.

Boracay was very fortunately to have witnessed the fight live for FREE via pay per view broadcast special thanks to Aklan Cable (oh how I wish our cable in Southern Leyte are as generous like that). I don’t know what happened to the lunch buffet/PPV packages some restaurant put up; I hope they made some income. But for the hotel I am working for, it was a glorious moment to behold yesterday.

locals and tourist stops by the large screen to watch the fight for free despite the rain.

The hotel and convention center I am employed under recently built up a large/giant LED screen in front of the establishment along the Main Road. Despite the rain people stopped by to watch the fight on the big screen for free. There weren’t much people like the one seen on TV patrol across the metro, but still it’s a respectable show of having the only giant LED Screen in the island nyahahaha (wicked laugh).

Pacquiao was sporting a new look yellow gloves and light blue shorts. His Yellow motif stands for his call for unity and peace. But most importantly Yellow is now the color for the fight against poverty.

The boxing match happened to be another long lopsided match for the Pound for Pound King. Sugar Shane Mosley previously quoted that the fight will be a war and an exciting one with Manny Pacquiao. But it turned out to be a cat-and-mouse game where Mosley put up one stellar defensive performance by running and using lightning speed evasive maneuvers just to stay away from Pacquiao’s onslaught of punches. Mosley was never on the offensive end and spent most of the time defending himself and his unconquered career. Mosley never tasted a knock out lost, and that proved too precious for him to engage in war with the Pacman.

The match’s focal point came in the third round Pacman knocked down Mosley and sent the crown roaring. Mosley was dazzled and confused as to what just happened.  But he stood up and survived the round. The fight never looked the same as Mosley shifted to survival mode. Later on the tenth round Pacquiao’s right foot was tangled with Mosley’s and was pushed down to the canvass. The referee called it a knock down to Pacquiao’s big surprise. Replay footages clearly show it wasn’t a knockout.  Manny was angered by that controversial call and suddenly geared to Kill Mode. But Mosley kept running away, Shameless Shame Mosley.

Pacman's biggest (and noisiest) fan at the convention center.

Pacquiao was obviously disappointed with the outcome of the match. The match was particularly boring than his previous fight not because he failed to finish Mosley off but because his opponent didn’t do so much. Pacquiao overwhelmed Mosley from start to finish.

All in all it was another display of dominating performance for the Filipino ring icon. Yes it was boring and booed by the crowd but what can he do? He tried to finish off the fight but his opponent kept running  and there’s not much he can do about it. There is no denial Pacquiao is still the best boxer in the world and it doesn’t take a knockout win to prove that.

And my message to Mosley “Retire na part!”

look at what Bebeng done to Boracay during the fight day.

watch people watch.

  1. says:

    I agree with what you said about Mosley… weaksauce! It’s so nice to see a first-hand account of how people back home experienced the fight. It’s even more awesome how everyone poured onto the streets to watch it for free! Sorry to hear about Bebeng, seems like you guys are also in a battle of your own. Go Pacman go!!!

    • lapiskamay says:

      everybody would really agree Mosley was a Sham last week, not a good way to end his stellar career. Well its the way boracay watched the fight., i miss the way my home town watch it because they used to go over the neighboring to watch it live on pay-per-view. It was our family’s boy’s night.out (no sister or mom, just beers and the screams). Bebeng was out of the country leaving 10 dead, tough break this summer.

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