Beach outing this summer without the games and activities is no fun at all. It’s the time of the year where the heat of the sun is at its highest. Where office labs loves to burn some leaves and where students gets their freedom from classes.  So People love to cool down, go to the beach, and make cool with nature. Fortunately Boracay, being one of the best beaches in the world, has plenty to offer when it comes to water and summer activities for tourists and locals.

Speaking of getting wet one must never miss scuba diving, snorkeling and helmet diving, oh man the water here is so clear and fishes like humans. If you need speed try kiteboarding, parasailing, speedboats, jet skis, banana rides and island hopping.  For sports enthusiasts one can try horseback riding, tennis, basketball, beach volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. Other exciting activities are the Zorb ball (big ball, people inside, rolling in the hill), ziplines, wall climbing and go-kart racing. And my favorite is BayWatching – sightseeing heavenly bodies that involves spotting the hot from the not.

I must admit I’m planning to try all of these activities listed above before I move on to a new city/country. I am now praying real hard for good weather, healthy body (and flatter abs), and mental peace of mind to savor them. But the trickiest part of the prayers will be convincing the Lord Almighty to grand me financial resources to pay for expensive activities. May God bless Lester Pencilhands.

The Octobre Family

My first answered prayer came last week. A family friend from our hometown in Southern Leyte, the Octobre family, came in the island for a vacation. The eldest daughter Ate Deborah went balikbayan mode all the way from Tennessee with her American husband Michael Stock.  The youngest sister, April, was a childhood friend and classmate.  Oh man what a relief to see some folks from home. The international buffet launch compliments from them was fantastic. And I get to go island hopping with them – for free!

Island hopping was so freaking nice people.

The Shangri-La Resort, I wonder how expensive that place is.

that rock formation reminds me of some portal to another dimension.

It’s my first time to see the island from afar. The trip was to go around the entire island. The shorelines of the white sand beaches were shining shimmering from afar. The clear sea water allows you to see what beneath. I realized the island is not surrounded by beaches. There are rock formations everywhere, caves there, forest here, and luxurious resorts coming out of nowhere (yes I’m talking about you Shangri-la). We stopped one time to do some snorkeling which I really enjoyed. We stopped a couple of times more at the middle of the sea and I can only blame the engine for being so nasty.

While doing snorkeling in the sanctuary its really nice to drink some coconut juice and fresh courtesy of the floating vendors.

a very colourful beach party-party

And my lesson for the day: I got my dream of circumnavigating the entire island on foot shattered. That was my runner’s goal. How silly, and it’s officially over. Rocks formation and stiff cliffs are everywhere at the back beach making it impossible to traverse on foot. To add to the damage, some private resorts set up security limits to avoid some aliens from entering (oh yeah I’m talking to you Cojuangco family).  I have to settle on running the main road from tip to tip, dulo to dulo, that’s around 10 kilometers. If I’ll run it back and forth then I suddenly got my 21K goal this year. Not bad and it’s worth a shot.

After seeing this scenery, I knew there's no way I could navigate the island. At least the sight is beautiful.

Again, island hopping in Boracay is really nice. One boat is good for at least 4 people with standard price starts from P2,000.00 to P10,000. But I managed to struck a deal for P1,500.00. How I did it? Just leave some comments.

this looks like Batman's cave.

This Manny Pacquiao's West Cove resort.

Paris Hilton I think I wanna marry you.. if you'd buy me a toy like this. ^_~


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