The Labradors at Station 1

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Boracay Chronicles, Photography
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One thing I kept and brought from Cebu  to Boracay is the habit of running. Depending on my work schedule I find time to run not because I’m a fitness buff but just for the sheer enjoyment of running. Here on the island people don’t have the luxury of running by the road (which is quite dangerous coz of its narrowness) or at a sports complex that doesn’t exist here. But thanks God we have the shoreline of the  most beautiful beach in the world as our venue.

One Monday morning I run from La Carmela at  Station 2 (where I live and castles temporarily exists everyday) all the way to Willie’s Rock at Station 1 when I saw three big dogs running around and catching some object. Those dogs I learned later were Haw, Noy and Coco the three Labradors of Station 1. For the past few days I always made it a point to reach Willies’s Rock to see the dogs. They are usually found playing catch with their master during sunrise.

All sights in the disc..

Haw and Noy enjoying the sea

Dogs are such lovely creatures. My entire family (except our mom) really adores dogs. We used to have pet dogs from the past. The last one was Sparky, an azkal terrier who died just last year. Sparky used to play catch with my father and the unlucky object was always food. My brother James really miss him. hehe

In the case with the labradors it’s the discs they are chasing. They’d do anything to catch that colorful thing: swim the sea, outrun each other, even crashing into some unlucky tourists. These dogs are big. And when you see them accelerate and jump, on water or a the shore, and successfully catch the disc is simply breathtaking to watch.

the dogs with their Master

great catch!

For now I am not yet close to the dogs. I havent touched them yet. I am only a mere spectator to their game. And I run home, and run like hell for the office. Oh sh*t I’m late!

That is Noy with his yellow discs.

that is Haw up close.


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