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The American Idol has been on top of television ratings for the past decade now. We are talking about a franchise so popular and influential it redefined American and global television, not to mention its impact on the music industry. In the past nine seasons the show produced a handful of successful recording artists and countless albums and a string of concert tours after every season.

American Idol is simply American Dollars.

On its tenth season the franchise suddenly faced struggles. Resident evil judge Simon Cowell left after the 8th season, and merciful Paulo Abdul left last year. The game show also suffered a steady decline on viewership patronage marking the 9th season the worst ever. Sponsors left. The winners of the ninth season were as unpopular to make an impact like the previous batches. And with survival is on the line AI put on two simple solutions to the problem: hire Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as new judges, and bring down the age limit to 15.

The guys of the top 13 finalists with their Tom Jones medley.

The way I see it on the 10th Season Finale, that move worked big time.

The tenth season was so good it converted me into a fan. Yes it took me ten long years  to get hooked with the show (long after Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, David Archuleta, David Cook, Adam Lambert made their mark on the hitcharts, sucker).  And I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good if I don’t follow the next season, and the next one, and the next yatata yatata. I love J. Lo.

Family Affair: Jennifer Lopez while husband Mark Anthony sings.

The season 10 finale was really good, yeah I’ve watched it on replay during my graveyard shift (please don’t tell my manager!). It kept me glued and alive through the night without coffee. Oh, I love J. Lo.  The finale featured a matchup between a 17 year old country music (potential) heartbreaker Scotty McCreery and a 16 year old country music darling Lauren Alaina. It was like seeing a teen version of Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. If they didn’t dropped the age limit we sure won’t see these school children beat up the older contestants’ a$$*$ .


Scotty McCreery, of course, won the title. I love this guy. He’s always the favorite, never faced elimination night. Lauren you know I like you very much I’ll take you dinner anytime you want, and you probably won that finale slug-off but this season belong to Scotty. This boy got this very deep voice that contrast his age. It’s unbelievable to see him perform. His deep blue eyes and that wicked goofy grin are a winner. And to make matters worse for the other contestants he got this confidence issues. He carries himself as if nobody can beat him, like Tiger Woods used to have, like Manny Pacquiao always has. Suddenly the world has seen a superstar make its grand entrance to mainstream American Dollar industry.

Scotty McCreery performs during the American Idol season 10 finale.

Spectacular is an understatement to describe the finale show. The production was fantastic and the star lined up to perform (err to endorse), legends suddenly flocked the backstage, even the judges joined in. And the finalists (the alive and the beaten ups) we magnificent in their numbers. It was a show of epic proportions. The fans who voted amounted to a staggering a quarter of a billion. Please don’t ask me how many have watched it, because I haven’t read the papers. Hey who the hell stole mine? C’mon people, give it back to the sacred Auditor’s Table.

Crazy guys Jack Black and Casey Abrams.

Here’s a quick recap of the night’s highlight.

  1. Fellow judge Steven Tyler belts out his hit “Sing for the moment”. Man that was an emphatic performance. Love his jumpsuit, he really is stylish.
  2. Jack Black was there to endorse his new movie Kung Fu Panda 2 and at the same time made a crazy duet with equally crazy finalist Casey Abrams. Are they brothers? They look funny.
  3. Lady Gaga mesmerizes the crowd with her new single “Edge of Glory”. It was a behave kind of song, no crazy lyrics, but when will she ever behave when it comes to her outfits?
  4. Beyonce performed twice! First with the ladies of the Top13 finalist and the second to sing her new boring single. It sounded like this… make love to me♫♪.
  5. Bono and The Edge sang the broadway soundtrack of Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark. Even Spiderman himself can’t help but perform his areal stunts during the song (is he that same guy who fell one time?)
  6. Idols performs with their idols. The top 2 finalist had the chance to perform with the singers they grew up idolizing with. Scotty McCreery performed “Live Like You Were Dying” with country music superstar Tim McGraw. While Carrie Underwood returned to Idol to sing “Before He Cheats” with Lauren Alaina.
  7. The boys of the Top13 finalist groove their way in the dance floor with a wonderful medley of Tom Jones’ timeless hits. Those guys were so adorable out there, they make all the K-pop boybands look like $h!t. The big surprise turn out Tom Jones himself singing with them!
  8. J. Lo and Mark Anthony performed on stage. J.Lo dancing shaking that immortal booty while husband Mark sings. Lovely. At least we know what they do at home, said host Ryan Seacrest.


Lauren with her idol Carrie Underwood.


Scotty with country music legend Tim McGraw

I think it’s safe to say that finale ranks one of the best shows I’ve seen on television in a long long time. American Idol is once again on a bright clear path and promises to offer greater stuff for next year, and the next, and the next.. And I’ll be there for the love of J. Lo. , okay  I mean for the show.

Congratulations to the fans of Scotty and thanks for voting on my behalf.


  1. This is one fun and exciting recap of the Idol’s finale. Honestly, I didn’t watch last year so I have a lot of catching up to do. I was wondering for awhile who was Scotty when the camera focused on him. Pardon my ignorance. Indeed he is talented. I think anyone in the top 10 has a great chance to make it with the right songs. I wish them all the best.

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