Saving Private Friendster☺

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Events, Journals
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Tomorrow, 31st of  May, friendster the ancient social networking will be officially friendless. You guys, i know, have had your fair share of romance with friendster. Oh admit it. We used to crave for testimonial from friends (thats comments on facebook), shared messages, posted some graphics in our profiles, uploaded tons of photos and who can forget the feature that gave stalkers a run for their decency – the epic “Who Viewed My Profile”. For some time it gave me second thoughts of visiting my crushes’ profiles. But most importantly friendster hosted blogs that got me started in that writing stage.

That was friendster’s glory days, and tomorrow its history.

This was what my old friendster account looked like.

Friendster will not really go offline, as in gone in the face of www, they’ll simply revamp the social network into an entertainment portal like what myspace did. Those decided not to bang their heads on that big blue Wall. With the transition the friendster guys decided to clean up their servers, that means Mi Ultimo Adios to your friendsters, blogs, testimonials and yeah pictures. But dont worry you can still salvage those stuffs but you must use the Friendster Exporter. You got until tomorrow, I repeat tomorrow, to export your stuffs out there. (Assuming one will ever admit he has a friendster account once upon a time. )

For me I just exported all my photos to my multiply account, which i never really used and it has no friends by the way. But at least it will serve me as my online archives of pictures past – which are really fun to view again. Oh look how skinny I was in college! I cant believe she looked so innocent that time. Oh that immortal rice+fried chicken + pepsi cola during college activities. And look at those faces! Hahaha yatata yatata. I remembered, after seeing my works posted, that i was once a graphic designer. Oh i’m such a talented jerkoff blah blah. Dream on, it’s all vanities of my past.

But at the end of this internet session that worth a dollar an hours’ rent, I was able to save my beloved blog account out there in friendster. That account was special to me because that’s the platform that I first used in blogging. Used it for 4 years, not too many memories and comments and hits. And there they go into an MSWord document… never to be read (and spammed at) again.

Thank you friendster for making my college years memorable and making me one bad-ass private out there.

I started here. My simple blog titled "Inside My Head" has been my blogging home for four year. Goodbye buddy.

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