Imagine a world where emotions are not expressed in words. What if you can buy that monumental task on your nearest sari-sari store? Would life be easier and better for people?

One afternoon I bought a pair of Lion-Tiger katol to rid of those unwanted insects back at the refugee camp. And for a moment when the tinder went for the katol box, my eyes caught a glimpse of one “I Love You” message somewhere. I spotted it inside a jar full of candy in all its eye-puffing glory. I like colors despite my gothic thirst for anything with dark hues – dark chocolates and Tim Burton on top of the list. I also love, still loves, candies ‘coz they make me remind I’m still a child full of wonders and innocence.  But what really caught my interest was the idea of putting emotionally driven messages in the candy wrappers. Great job candyman! Whoever you are two thumps up for that brilliant idea.

Base on my accounting expertise, I counted seven different colors for each different flavor. The flavors I later learned (as if didn’t saw it coming judging by the colors) are orange, cherry, tamarind, grapes, lemon, blueberry and mango. For each colors are assigned seven different messages starting from “I Love You”, “Yes I Do”, “Let Me Try Again”, “Remember Me”, “Only You”, “Talk To Me” and “I’m Sorry”.  The tindera swore to me there’s an eight color/flavor/message, its the bestseller, she said, that it’s out of stock. I asked her what’s the message… “Bawal Utang”.

Now imagine a scenario where we can apply this mystical treats as real vessels of emotion:

Cosplay goddess Alodia Gosiengfiao as the GI Joes' the Baroness. Photo courtesy from:

Galaxy FarAway: There’s a Lapiskamay guy who has no money, no laptop and  no chikababes, makes lakwatsa in D*Mall, then he saw the cosplay goddess Alodia Gosiangfiao – whole, live and smiling at him. His heart beats like crazy. How would this guy express her love to this heavenly creature, or at least introduce himself? (Please take note this is an alternate universe where anything is bound by my imagination.) Just simple, he smiled back using that turbocharger smile, level7, and offered the red “I You” candy to Miss Alodia. The moment the goddess accepts the candy that means she’s considering the guy’s intent. If she eats it that means she’s interested. Now here’s the deal, the tricky part: Since candies in the real world has different variations as to the quality of sweetness, in this universe the candies will spell out how much you really meant the message written in the wrapper. The sweeter the better, the rarer the taste the more exotic it can be. The girl, unless really stupid, would know in an instant if it’s true or a bluff.

This kind of alternate reality will give people,  who are unable to express what’s their heart is telling or what their pride is holding off, a chance to express them. Candies have the ability to tell the authenticity of the expressionist. There are no more discreet inquiries or lie detector tests because the truth is only a sari-sari store away. Oh boy, the dentists would probably be the richest professionals in town.

But isn’t it a fact also that convenience if used and utilized too much it will create a negative effect in our society. Social decline comes when people start to lose their trust, when the sense of security falters and when self-worth is no longer a priority. Candies are just sweet the moment you put it in the mouth, but after they melt it’s really gone. I hope people will know the things that really matters in the world are the ones that stay. Nothing beats that good old fashion conversation, that eye to eye argument, that face to face planning for the next trip, and that warm heart-to-heart agreement with the one you love.

Even cellphones and iPads will always fall short in that matter.

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