The World Blood Donors Day

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Events, Journals, Uncategorized
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Today is World Blood Donors’ Day as declared by the World Health Assembly and I have no idea that there is such a day to celebrate. So I expect there will be massive nationwide bloodletting campaigns today organized by the Philippine Red Cross (PRC). I would really love to undergo blood donation today but I am not available for the moment. The Red Cross chapter here in Boracay doesn’t have the facilities yet to hold donation activities.

Blood donation is very important during emergency situations. No matter how you look at it if one really needs blood that means one’s life is on the line. For such cases like major operations, dengue and other blood related diseases, fresh bags of blood are need when the going gets tough in those situations. Modern science is still yet to crack the formula to create substitute for fresh human blood. Unfortunately many people die because of the lack of blood supply in hospitals and blood banks.

Just last year, I have an ultimate firsthand experience of how important for a hospital to keep enough blood supplies and a rooster of able blood donors when one of my friends was put to the danger zone when she was attacked by dengue. I was scared to death not being able to help my friend. Unfortunately people don’t get the importance to give their blood until it’s their friends and loved ones are put to that danger.

Bloodletting was one of the most popular medical practices in history originated by the Greeks, and used up until the 19th century for, well, basically everything. -


I am very proud to be one of the few 270,000 individual blood donors in the Philippines and technically a member Galloners Club. Blood Galloners are those who have donated more than a gallon of their blood to the Red Cross. The Club’s population the strong 1,054 but I’m not sure if I am already an official member of the club. I have donated twenty times already since 2006. And to be really really honest I don’t do that bloody stuff to prove myself I’m a man, that I am not afraid of some needles, or because I want to change the world, save the girl and the strangers to look cool and feel good about it and have all the bragging rights because I am the good guy. Hell NO!!!

I am giving my blood tax-free, no strings attached because I don’t have money to help other people. My Blood is the only thing I could give that doesn’t hurt my pocket. And guys, that needle thing that kept you from donating all these years doesn’t hurt at all. You can beat me up if it does.

Today I commemorate my little hobby that gives me that great sense of heroism and bravery even for a mere 15 minutes four times a year.  I really want to treat myself to a Hamas Japanese restaurant but unfortunately, again, I don’t have the money (bukas pa sahod oi) so a Selecta Cornetto will do the honors. Yum.

Angel Blood.

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