Surviving Habagat

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Boracay Chronicles
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For most Filipinos it is officially the end of summer this month of June. Thanks God. Students are now back at school and lab rats are still in their office but now sporting a tan.  Not surprisingly the front beach of Boracay is now seen with much fewer people than a couple of weeks ago. Most of what’s left are foreigners, the privileged and some occasional tambays. With a few silent notice the seasons have changed drastically on this tiny Island.

There are only two season in Philippines:  Summer and the Rainy days. Everybody loves the former but we have to come to terms with the fact that it’s the latter’s turn. It’s June already and the way the weather is going it certainly lives up to its reputation as the poster-month of the rainy season. Already during the later days of May it already started to rain and the wind direction now going eastwards. A couple of tropical storms have already passed by in the country in only two week’s time to make up a grander entrance to the rainy season.  As of this writing, another storm is on the way and the winds now doing a thorough job of entertaining, or rather, sweeping the front beach.

Welcome to  Habagat my friends,” I thought I heard the winds whispered.

Winds are now blowing to the east and that means bad news to the resorts as few people come to visit the island. Most tourists love the front beach on a calmer and hotter day, not winds and waves. The hotels are now declaring a state of lean season phenomenon where rates are at almost rock bottom. Gone are the nights when the waters are calm and warm that makes strolling on the sands most intimate. But the fewer the people flocking the beach the more I love it. I prefer to stay away from the crowd when I want to enjoy so I think I have not yet truly enjoyed my summer here.

I’ve been living in the island for a couple of months already and I think I’m getting the hang out of it living here and doing the job that is slowly killing me. I have to admit though that I haven’t shared what my life here in Boracay.  But honestly there’s not much to share. Life is hard, harder than what I’ve imagined. Our shift schedule costs as 12 hours a day six day a week. I’m dead by day and I spread havoc in three hotels every night. I think I’m becoming a vampire or maybe I am just another employee digging the grave yard shift. But that’s life, that’s my job, and I have to earn that money the hard-earned way.

But I really love the front beach and I absolutely believe I have never seen such spell binding grandeur in a body of water. Running on its pristine white sands on afternoons with its golden sunset is truly an amazing experience (yeah it hurts). But other than that and photography, I never have done much around here. That’s my biggest joke I could offer. I haven’t tried to play Frisbee with the tourist and locals, nor rented a skim board, nor explored the whole island on a bike. I haven’t made friends from anyone outside the workplace. Much worse is I forgot that I brought my sketching materials around here.

Every day I pray to God that He will continue to give me strength and good health to carry me as I perform my job, handle my responsibilities, and if I’m feeling blessed, He’d give me some precious time to enjoy the island experience even better. Every payday I know I am getting nearer from my dreams. I think that alone is enough to inspire me.

But seriously I really want to start sketching. It starts this weekend. And within the next few days I’ll take on skim boarding, rent a bike for a tour de Boracay, witness the kite surfing dudes and climb Mount Luho, the island’s highest point that promises spectacular view of the whole island. That is how I’m going to celebrate my idol superhero Rizal’s 150th birthday.

  1. you better post a thing tomorrow. its Rizal’s birhday and father’s day too.

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