My Heroes Part 1: Tatay Dindo

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Events, Journals
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That's my father on hite shirt with my big sister and little brother. And I am that little guy with the chain saw (I was really naughty back then).

Just the thought of writing an article dedicated for my father is already a nerve wracking experience how much more it would when you insert writing about your all-time favorite hero. Today, this very Sunday doesn’t come often as we, at least for most Filipinos, to celebrate Father’s Day and the 150th birthday of Jose Rizal. I wish I have a better command of my English that’s worthy for these two great men. But I hope this would do.

Part 1: Tatay Dindo

My father and his number one and only baby girl.

Fathers are the originators of the family, the builders of the house, and the Michael Jordan in every household. They come from all walks of life: colors, language, religion and territory. They vary in their playing style of carrying their own family. Some dads are rich, some dads are poor. Many are good, but unfortunately some are little wayward. But one thing is for sure, we all started from them.

My Tatay is the best dad in the world. But he first started wild and loose like a dog when he was young. He consumed cigarettes, he drinks a lot, gambled, skipped class and always at the front in the great adventure of exploring Earth’s greatest treasures – girls. Until he met  a school teacher – “ang babaeng magpapatino sa kanya”. Tatay literally went to college after he met Nanay, because he envisioned to have children that smart and bubbly kids (oh yeah yes we are!) with a descent home and an education. He got his diploma way ahead of schedule, secured a job, got married,  and we, the The Tabada Fantastic Four, ride along one by one.

There are no perfect words to describe my father. I mean my old man’s a legend. It takes a whole lot fun and honor living under his house. To name a few of his characteristics he’s a classy man, I don’t mean  a socialite but it’s the society that admires him as a man who works with class. He is an artist, my ultimate hero when it comes to creativity. Just to get a perspective how talent this man is, I only inherited a tiny fraction of his artistic craftsmanship. He does painting jobs at the walls of the school. He designs houses. He prints t-shirts. He decorates the stage. He teaches arts at school. He molds young talents as a baseball coach and young boys as a scout master.  He’s the real go-to-guy when it comes to all those stuffs.

As a father, I will always remember him as the versatile father. He was a disciplinarian to us when we go demonyito mode. He doesn’t gives us money but instead he give them all to Nanay because he know he’ll spend it in no time and fast. He’s a teacher not just at school but also at the house, and man he always has something worth learning. Tatay never ever lacked the guiding words to make us better persons. We learned a great deal about life because of the words he has shared to us. He’s also the type of father who worships his children, treats her daughter like a princess and lets the sons have the luxury of exploring the wonders of the world. And the best thing we love the about him is raising us children like his barkadas. We are good friends at home alway having a good fun talking, laughing at jokes, sharing woes and  a little both of everything. I told you my Tatay Dindo is the best that in the world.

And we love him. Happy Father’s Day Tatay Dindo!

Tatay in one of his painting sessions.

 Next up is Jose Rizal.


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