Top 5 Albums on my Mp3 Player (I have no iPod)

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Music
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Some great men have humble beginnings, and some humble men are entitled for some luxury. My roommate is a humble guy: he runs with me in the beach, he does serious graphic designing/video editing as a hobby, he sings Gospel music, he works as a store supervisor  and, to my greatest envy (tulo laway), he’s got an iPad Nano. Man I have to hide my cute little devil (a yellow mp3 player made in China bought in Recto St. for P900) whenever he flash it forward.

But as a consolation what matters is not the outside appearance, but what’s inside the heart. So let me introduce to the inside of my cheap device. Another note: I prefer to download albums not single tracks hit after hit like most does, what’s d use of the radio? And I solemnly admit that I am guilty of downloading illegally on the internet – just like all the millions of people around.

Yeah including you! hahaha

(500) Days of Summer Soundtrackthis is a story of a boy meets girl, but you should know up front that this is not a love story. The movie was a great one, a contemporary masterpiece in love story films (didn’t he just tell it is not a love story?) and the soundtrack is a great compliment to that. Armed with classic hits from The Smiths to the modern invasion of diva Regina Spektor, the soundtrack album stands itself as a solid record with the need of the movie’s success.

[tracks to listen: every one of them, especially the French one]



Adele – 21 – In speaking of divas making serious noise at the bill board is Adele with her raging song Rolling in the Deep. Adele displays her great vocal prowess with much effect on her sophomore album 21 (her first album is 19, she loves number). She’s got a really powerful voice that compliments with the powerful to mellowl ballad tracks on the album with themes ranging from anger, dismay, brokenness and falling in love.  21 is an outstanding record display for a talented singer like Adele.

[tracks to listen: Rolling in the Deep, Turning Table, Don’t You Remember, Someone Like You]



Lenka – Two – another album using numbers as title is the much awaited follow-up album of Australian actress turned singer-songwriter Lenka after her self-titled debut in 2009. Two is a feel good album it feels like eating marshmallows and licking candies. Thanks God there are some female artists who is not into screaming punk rock and catchy hip-hops, Lenka is now the ultimate poster-girl for easy listening experience. I love Lenka because she’s lovely and I like her cute Australian accent.

[tracks to listen: End of the World, Sad Song, Here to Stay, Everything at Once]



Rascal Flatts – Nothing Like This – The demigods of country music is back with their latest album Nothing Like This. Fans of Rascal Flatts and country music will surely enjoy this vintage sound of the group. The album is reinforced with blazing guitar solos and bad-ass country music vibes and the vocalist’s lore for intimate ballads and rock and roll that makes the band a standout.






Hillsong – Faith + Hope + Love – there’s always a place for God and worship my mp3 player is of not an exception. Hillsong’s 2009 live album performance Faith + Hope + Love is by far my favorite if not the best album I’ve heard from a long list of Hillsong and Christian music library. One worshipper can never turn down the album’s intimate and soulful atmosphere from songs that range from the smooth and intimate to catchy rock tunes. This album is a complete package for a great worship experience.

[tracks to listen: For Your Name, and all of them]



So there you have it my top 5 albums in my pirated Mp3 player. Enjoy listening guys.

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