Boracay is an island surrounded by seas and under bad, and slightly bad, weather the waves comes smashing in the shorelines. That’s a good indicator that some surfer’s prayers come true.  But put waves, water, and rain together, my God that’s every runner’s unanswered prayer. Just very recently (over the weekends) I was able to witness the imminent immergence of a different kind of wave that reconciles the two adventurers’ prayers.

Boracay now has a new kind of facility that will enable the surfers to surf even when the sea is at its calmest and the sun at its hottest. The Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center has started to test run it’s newest attraction the wave pool. This facility will be the country’s first artificial surfing destination that will enable surfers and even skim boarders to display their skills in balancing and sliding the waters. The wave pool will simulate the rush of waves in the open waters to create a different brand of sport in the world of water adventures.


The wave pool facility is brought to us by the visionary team headed by the Chairman and CEO of J. King and Sons Inc. Mr. Richard King that introduced us to the Sky Experience Adventure atop the towering Crown Regency Hotel inCebuCity. By the look of the pool I think it is all set and done ready to delight the tourists. Oh I can’t wait to try it the soonest as possible! I already ordered a skim board fromCebujust to satisfy my excitement. The facility according to plan will be the first of a pair of wave pools. The other pool will be constructed in a few months and rumor has it that it will be twice as big to simulate the huge waves for hardcore surfing experience.


As for the moment, there is no time frame yet when will the wave available to public. But I’ve heard that Mr. Richard King is planning to open it before the end of the month. Apparently, the dudes in the picture/video are still trying to get the hang out of it – and they’ll be the surfing instructor/models for the exciting water ride (by the way, those two foreign guys are hotel guests). The fee is another concern that will affect the success of the facility. It will be very nice if they keep it low-priced so that the locals (i.e. employees like me) can enjoy it too. I guess it would be at least a per hour basis plus surf/skim/body board rentals.

The new Crown Regency Hotel and Convention Center is locatedat the main road of Station 2 across Allied Bank here in Boracay.


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