To face life’s many challenges and overcome each test, the Lord tells us to take the time to stop, to pray and to rest.  Alone with our God is the only place to find the strength to press on. My idea of finding God is not near a church neither on a given Sunday nor in reading the Bible occasionally – but climbing in higher places. Here in Boracay there’s only one place to do it, at Mount Luho.

Standing 100 meters above sea level Mt. Luho stands as the highest place in Boracay. The trip above isn’t as hard as climbing mountains. There is a road going up all the way to the Mt. Luho Viewpoint. One can never get lost going there. Usually tricycle drivers charges P150 for the uphill ride. But for me it’s only a morning run. Equipped with my running shoes sporting my Adidas outfit I’m off and running, er, climbing.

The sunset view by Bulabog Beach.

I'm standing in front of famed Boracay Tornado Jet!

From the main road, one can turn right from the Crown Regency Prince Resort that will take you to Bulabog Beach. That beach is facing eastwards so expect to see the beautiful sunrise if you go early in the morning.. There you will see jetskis, speedboats and windsurfers parking by the beachside as if worshipping the sunrise. Just follow the road that points upwards to the left it will take you all the way to the top. The upward climb is easy and relatively on a shorter distance but you can’t climb there without shedding some sweat. It’s one great exercise routine!

on the road you'll meet some real life transformers.

The Bulabog Beach view on top the Mt. Luho View Point.

In no time you’ll spot the Mt. Luho View Point. It’s a tourist destination here in Boracay where you can actually see a spectacular view of the whole island.  Since its located east side, the view of the whole Front Beach can’t be seen due to the low elevation, but seeing the Back Beach and the urbanization of the island is a mesmerizing sight. The Fairways golf course can also be seen at the top. It’s my first time to see a golf course and never up close. The view point also houses animals in cage like a tazmanian devil, a few eagles, purple heron, monkeys and lots of dogs guarding around. There is a zip line facility out there too if you want to go for a thrill.

This is the world class golf course located at Fairways Hotel and Resort. This was the home of the Goma Cup.

For me the best time of day to go up to Mt. Luho is early morning because there is no entrance fee. HEHE it is P60 during the whole day of operation. Besides it’s not yet crowded and the peace and meditation of being atop out there with Mother Nature is beckoning. It’s one of the best places to appreciate God’s creation. And I am going up there as often as I can.

Thank you Lord.

See those two love birds? Sweet

there's the zipline facility a the middle. But the whole view of the northern tip of the island that's an untouched area of the tourism metropolis.


  1. irishprecious says:

    Amazing view. Must really go to Boracay… soon! 😀

  2. lapiskamay says:

    thanks Irish. Hope to see you around here. pls send me a notice in advance when you decide to visit.
    P.S. Dont ever think of leaving without a camera.

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