Harry Potter and the Shameless Borrower

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Books, Events, Journals
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The world now witnessed the end of one of the most celebrated (and lucrative) movie franchise of all time as people in major cities all over the world flocked the cinema over the weekend to watch the epic conclusion of the Harry Potter saga, breaking box-office records in the process. And I’m still stranded on an island ever so wondering what the movie looks like.

Because of that I can’t wait to visit Cebu by the end of the month! For sure it will be the sweetest 5 days of the year. All I have to do is make those days worth it by completing my missions of going home to Cebu and Leyte. So what are those?

  1. I told my boss that I’ll be having a repair on my jacket crown I’m wearing which is completely true. Thanks God she approved my leave application.
  2. To buy a laptop, maybe, I hope. It depends on how things well go the next few days – Office problems (too boring and too bad-ass on my side to discuss). But having a laptop on my own through my sweat and blood earned money, that’s a dream come true my friends.
  3. To visit my ever supported and energetic officemates at the hotel in Cebu before I was assigned here in Boracay. I wish they read this because we’re really going to have a party-party night-outAh mga part, remember tentative pa ang list of sponsors, limited slots still available. Hehe
  4. Lakwatsa to the max with my two younger brothers both studying in Cebu. I really wonder if I’d take them to the movie probably that gay-looking actor’s superhero movie (they’re both muggles..doesn’t know a single Harry Potter character, well except Harry) or try out Sky Experience Adventure, then after that maybe to test fire on Ultima Sharp Shooters Club, and of course a buffet lunch at Royal Concourse.
  5. To try out the newest death defying attraction in Southern Leyte – the zipline in Agas-agas. I hope my big sister could come with me and my best friend will also be there too.
  6. It’s the “her” agenda. No more comment. 😛

And For God’s sake I have to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on… iMax! Yeah baby, it will only be my second time since Avatar two years ago.

So why so Harry suddenly?



the stupid borrower back on 2007.. He's still crazy as ever.

Mr. Potter is simply one of those best-things-that-ever-happened-in-my-life sorts of stuff. I passionately read all the seven books, and I have to admit each one I have to shamelessly borrow from outside. There was absolutely no way I could convince my parents to buy me those. The first three books are the worse for wear copies I borrowed at the College Library during junior year in high school. It was love at first read. Sorcerer’s Stone is my first of the many novels I’ve read. The fourth and fifth are in better conditions only I have to endure skipping college subjects to go to the decaying Southern Leyte Provincial Library. The librarians never allowed me to take them home because nobody would vouch for me for a goddamn library card so I end up painfully reading the books inside that building… for only a few chapters per afternoon. The sixth book I borrowed from one of my college fan and hometown friend. Thank you Paul!

Finally I finished the seventh book right before Noche Buena in 2007. I got the Deathly Hallows book after I swallowed my entire shyness away by gate crashing on my rich cousin’s (bonggaha ate oi) house in Maasin City after I shamelessly asked her to buy a copy while she was in London months before. Thank you Ate Daryl!

Those are my embarrassing things I’ve made just to experience the spectacle and wonders in the magical world of Harry Potter. I really I owe the Boy-Who-Lived a big deal for welcoming me in the world of literature through reading, which is a big factor in the writing side. Lapiskamay would never be created if I never bothered befriending Harry Potter at the first place. The newspaper was right, for the past fifteen years Harry Potter series has encouraged young people to develop their imagination, creativity and sense of wonder.

I’m going home Hermione.

  1. ciaranaustin says:

    Nice post! Could you do me a favour and check out my post on Harry Potter at:

  2. […] Harry Potter and the Shameless Borrower (lapiskamay.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Jacklyn Belo says:

    me too. i just borrowed a Harry Potter book. ang gastos kasi magpabili at magbili. but did not become a Harry Potter fanatic like you 🙂

  4. lapiskamay says:

    hahaha oi di ako fanatic noh. ano lang pure fan! hehe. dahil malaking influence talaga ang HP series sa pagiging artist ko “daw”
    natapos mo ba lahat ng books?

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