The Zipline Southern Leyte Adventure!

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Events, Journals
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The majestic Agas-agas Bridge in Sogod, Southern Leyte, with two colossal pillars which stand 300 meters above the ground enough to be considered as the tallest bridge in the country, has finally unveiled one of the most death-defying rides every Southern Leyteños can truly be proud of.  The new Zip Southern Leyte offers locals and tourist an exciting ride of a lifetime. One can really experience the feeling of flying over the country’s highest bridge. If you haven’t tried a zipline before this is the best place to take that first jump.

The new zipline adventure facility currently has two steel cable lines that stretch half kilometer from the top of a hill just above the bridge all the way down to the farther end below. The cable crosses above the bridge from above which gives the adventurers that extreme feeling of actually flying like Superman seeing the mighty bridge below.  The ticket for the zipline is only worth P280 in the first jump, should the rider goes Revenge of the Fallen mode there’s a 50% discount on the second and so forth tries, that’s P140. So far this zipline based on what I’ve read in magazines and internet is the cheapest around (its P500 in Boracay), and the irony of it all is that Zip Southern Leyte is by far the most exciting of them all.

Kirig tuhod aning duha, more pa.

Instead of the regular sitting position the adventurers are tied to the cable lying towards the ground to simulate the feeling of actually flying.  Trust me that was very scary but the fun and excitement goes to meteoric proportions. And all we have to do during those intense moments is simply trust your life to the safety harness because it’s a long long fall below. By the way screaming on the line during the fall is absolutely recommended.

You'll be safe here. I think. hahaha

The ride is basically scary the first time you scan the whole area: the gothic location of the hill, the tall bridge, and the long way falling down, the half kilometer long steel cables, and that noise whenever riders plummet from above. But most of all the biggest at stake in this adrenaline pumping activity is conquering that immortal fear of heights. I believe everybody has that kind of fear; it’s only a matter of handling it that defines the border of taking that leap of faith to backing out. I can still remember somebody asking herself “Kaya ban a naho (Can I do that)?”

I was delighted to hear my big sister Gretchen was game for the zipline thrill ride, and there’s no need to convince my younger brothers, they already signed up for that long before the facility was finished. So there goes a memorable sibling affair – the adventure of the Fantastic Four! Since I’m the one who organized and financed the whole activity, I decided I should be the first to jump. I paired up with my ate Gretch on the other line and after the preparation and the harness intact nobody told what we were up against. Without the proper melodrama of the pre lunge “on the country of 3.. 2.. 1” the guides suddenly just blasted us down. That was anticlimactic but I liked it that way – simple but sudden.

That's my big sister, she's one brave girl that day. I'm on the far right, quite scared. ^_^

It was an awesome mixed up feeling to be up there, partly scared because it felt like gliding straight to death, partly exhilarated because of the incredibly fast pace we were heading down (it’s around hundred kilometers per hour), and partly exhausted because of screaming out loud!  The rush of the wind from dropping so fast downwards was a factor I did not consider, it was deafening.  And the view of the trees and the great bridge below is a view to die for. Half a kilometer doesn’t go quick; it takes around 40 blissful seconds up in the air before a rider reaches the bottom line – but like the saying goes “the longer, the better…”  It was indeed all out fun.

Anxious on lookers. That's the grand view of the facility overlooking mountains and the big bridges.

The zipline ride is Agas-agas was one of my top stops in my homeward wanderings last week. I know up front the moment I signed up for the Boracay assignment that I would only be at home at least once a year – that is part of growing up standing up to responsibilities, see the world and inevitably leave home in the process. Last week might be the last time this year that I will set foot at home so there’s no freakin’ way I was backing out! That was a great challenge and a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something great shared with my siblings and our tatay.

So guys if you have some time and you want to go for a thrill ride, please visit our Agas-agas Zipline in the province of Southern Leyte.

The Tabada Sibling with Tatay Dindo!

Me, Tatay Dindo, Paul, Ate Gretchen and James. Big smiles from the family means it was a great trip.

  1. irishprecious says:


    We also have that here in Manila at the Mall of Asia, though I never tried it, I’m positively sure it’s not as thrilling as the one you have there. :))

  2. lapiskamay says:

    Thanks Irish,

    I think you should really try that one in MOA, I’ve read it on the newspaper yesterday. seems like there are other exciting rides out there too. Hope I can try those when I visit Manila.. really soon. 🙂

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  4. yangz says:

    waaaaaaaah… cool thingy dude! my hubby and I are planning to go there mid of this month. We both cant wait to experience the thrill.. 🙂

  5. daisan says:

    pwedeng magtanong kung may zipline po ba this coming weekend? balak kasi namin pumunta jan nang barkada ko..salamat

  6. the mere thought would kill me (chicken – bwak-bwak-bwak) hehehe

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