Hi guys I’m back once again on my drawing board. But honestly I have no drawing board in my room so the only place and time I could is at the office cubicle after my duty. So I am asking for your consideration regarding the quality of my works.

Drawing Number 1 is about my favorite spot in the island, the Willy’s Rock at Station 1. Located at the front beach this rock formation visually has “no earthly business”, you know people go to Boracay to appreciate the 4 kilometer long white sand beach and suddenly out of nowhere these rocks appear! But face it the rocks add more beauty to the already beautiful beach, no wonder it is one of the most photographed spot. I love to go there whenever I could find some time, especially during sunsets where I could practice skim boarding (I’m still terrible at that), shoot some photographs and watching bikinis.

Willy's Rock is also my pit stop on my beach running regimen.

Drawing Number 2. I think there’s really no need to introduce him. You don’t know how proud I am to finally have the guts to draw Edward Scissorhands. The movie is celebrating its 20th Anniversary since its release, so technically these drawing serves as my tribute to the film. Both the figures are not products of my imagination, I just copied somebody else’s work and drew, imitate…classic style of saying… hey guys I can draw! The one at the left I think you already saw that one, is on my About page. The second one is my favorite art work from scissorhands20th.blogspot.com. The original is titled Ed’s Embrace by Mindy Lee.

How come it took me weeks to finish this one? Ah, 12 hours of work!

Drawing Number 3 is something actually based on a real life encounter. On my way back from my great escapade from Leyte and Cebu last week, I meet a girl inside the bus from Ilo-ilo City. Smart, young and pretty, it was my lucky day to sit with her. But it is always a good feeling to help fellow travelers with their baggage, hers was a heavy box. I’d offered to lift it for her since I can’t imagine myself watching her carry it during that cold night.  And for that, believe it or not, I’ve earned my first friend in the island outside my workplace. 

So heavy yet so light. hehehe

  1. I love the Edward Scissorhands ones 🙂 Can’t wait to see more doodles/sketches/drawings in the future!

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