Last Friday I came across this amazing article in the Philippine Star’s Young* Star section (which I am really starting to like, a full section dedicated to the young people and the stories keep getting better and better) about seven talented young artists. The story titled “Manila, this is art” written by Carina Santos (click here to read the full story) featured Manila-based artists who are just my age who practically carve their names in the arts and illustration department.  One of them was the Promil gifted child we grew up with and oen is a blogger I am following. But there’s one thing they have in common aside from being good illustrators – they have a blog.

It was an “Oh my God”-sort of experience reading the article.

The seven artist featured were.

1. Rob Cham – he already appeared in a Young* Star column months ago about some cool bloggers that’s making a lot of noise in the internet. Rob Cham is the man behind which I really follow because a) he’s good at drawing b) he’s hilarious and c) awkaward in an Edward Scissordhand-ish manner.  Now he’s back again at Young* Star.

The funny Rob Cham.

2. CJ De Silva – she is that gifted kid in the Promil commercial in the early 90’s. She was a household name in my childhood and I do admire her then. But suddenly she went off the grid. Once, I asked myself what she becomes nowadays. does she still paint/draw or did she become a model or a singer? Thanks God she’s still an artist and still got that touch. She simply becomes an Art Director and at her age, my God. I’m really glad to hear something from CJ after all these years. BTW, she’s really cute in the picture. Follow her at

CJ De Silva in full bloom.

3. Christian San Jose – young guy, raised in L.A., put college on hold and started freelancing in web designing and some other deadly to the eyes kind of art. Lucky guy got Coca-cola and Kobe Bryant’s attention. Follow him at

4. Valerie Chua – freelance artist, quite good in vector designs specializing in relaxing the mode of the audience.  Follow her on

Valerie Chua, the vector priness.

5. Kasey Albano – currently a partner already of and graduated from The Arreneoww (a sossy style of saying Ateneo said one professor).  Her work has this retro look and she does them pretty good. Looking at her works feel likes being transported to days of the Beetles, showtime Lakers and the disco and Baywatch. Ok she’s one hell of a designer with a style. Follow her at

The retro lady, Kasey Albano.

6. Kristine Caguiat – one word to describe her work – bad-ass. She’s probably the busiest in the pack being a senior writer for and and at the same time the art director for Greater Good Apparel. Her illustrations are quite weird putting object s that isn’t meant to be put in one picture. But with her powers they look quite well most of them look like some rock star persona.   Her blog is located at

Thinking bad-ass, Kristine Caguiat.

7. Laurice Plando – she may be the youngest and the only undergraduate in the group but her works in her blog appealed to me the most. Her photo with the phoenix effects on it is my favorite among the seven. She compose her drawings in old-style pencil sketches but she transformed it into magical fairytale-ish rendition using watercolors and also in photoshop. This girl can really draw. Follow her at

Laurice Plando with her phoenix.

 The article only covered seven Manila artists but they were wonderfully told and that’s more than enough for me to make the recent months of expatriating myself in to the land of illustrations a much needed rays of light, seven rays to be exact. I am not alone somehow; illustrators or even guys that can draw are hard to come by these days. I hope with consistent passion and constant practice I may be able to reach heights like these guys are on.  And for a moment out there while reading the pages, there came a nasty thought in my mind saying I should just quit my job, forget the profession, the hard-earned license, and move on to become a full time artist… I should draw all day, shoot photos like hell, write everything I want, graphic design to my heart’s desire, learn the skills from the different artist and just get lost to my wonderland.

Blissful thinking those stuffs are but seriously, that’s a hell of a decision to make and it scares me taking such leap of faith scenario. For now I am just hoping that someday my art works will make someone say, “Oh my God, he can draw!”

  1. Stumbled upon this. 🙂 Superduper thanks! 😉

  2. lapiskamay says:

    Oh my that’s CJ De Silva commenting! My God what a Christmas gift. thank you Miss CJ for visiting my blog and you are very much welcome. God bless.

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