The Shamcey Project

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Boracay Chronicles, Drawing, Events
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A week from now a new female specimen will be crowned the next Miss Universe. And for the first time in my life I am praying to the heavens above and to the galaxy far far away, that hopefully Miss Philippines will be that blessed heavenly body.

My world was shaken last April when a certain Miss Shamcey Supsup waltz around to become the runaway Miss Universe representative for the country. Her credentials can make everyone’s jaw drop. Where can you find a beautiful, talented and smart lady rolled into one architectural marvel. ‘Smart’ maybe is an intergalactic understatement to define this beauty after finishing magna cum laude in UP-D and topping the architectural board exams and it is indeed a blasphemy to compare her brain with mine (she’s a topnotcher, I am a bottomnotcher). Thanks to her the Philippines have a real good shot at taking home the crown.

OK, ok, ok. I admit I fell in love with her. Who wouldn’t? That little show of hers in the talent competition served as the catalyst to our romance, er my inflation towards her. Hehehe. Women of arts always turns me on. So as a fitting tribute or my way of saying “goodluck my love” I attempted to replicate that performance below…

And here’s the exclusive footage with yours truly on action. Note: I am drawing in page one of that brand new sketch pad (imported from National Book Store Cebu), and a brand new charcoal pencil (imported from SM Ilo-ilo City). Come’s great talent comes great pencils.


What the heck? I looked like an idiot out there. It was a not so thoroughly rehearsed performance you know I’m kinda not so used to cameras (i.e. the footage + the office CCTV camera, hope the security guys didn’t see that mischief). At the middle I thought “What the hell am I doing here?”  The result was pathetic. I think I screwed up in a major major way with the mother’s jaw. I swear to God I never meant to draw the ‘tanginga I mean tanging-ina Miss Ai-ai delas Alas.

A good example not to imitate somebodyelse's art work. Man, did I screwed up so badly?

It’s not because I did not practice enough on the illustration, but it’s more on the time pressure actually. It’s hard to be creative under pressure, my natural stroke wasn’t there, the jitters were there tormenting me the entire act. But you have to give major credits to Shamcey because if there’s something I learned out of The Shamcey Project  it is a) that she can draw really well and b) I sucked. She’s so graceful out there; her strokes are blazing fast as if you were watching a fast-forward video yet she kept them smooth and graceful. That illustration of the mother with a child looks plain simple but trust me, after doing through it a few times, it is not. Shamcey, I realized, is a gifted illustrator and it will probably take me months or years of drawing before I can have that stroke of hers.

The Miss Universe pageant will be held at Sao Paulo, Brazil on September 13th and I’ve never been so proud and excited for a Filipina delegate to grace that event. I really hope she wins. But win or lose it won’t really matter at the end, what is important is we finally have a fitting ambassador that embodied a real Filipina beauty with a lot of brains for the entire universe to marvel.

And to Shamcey this is for you.

My Miss Universe

  1. Norman says:

    Lester, love your Shamcey Project! I knew ever since that our girl in Sao Paulo is multi-talented, on top of having both the brains and the smarts in doing just about anything she sets her mind into. Like becoming Miss Philippines and representing the country in Miss Universe. She never intended to enter the pageant field with half-hearted interest. She did so with 100% focus and discipline. And now, she is reaping the rewards in Brazil where she is one of the favorites for the crown. Win or not, she will be always remembered as the Pinay who excellently bannered the Philippine sash to the Universe! 😉

    • lapiskamay says:

      thanks for appreciating my work sir Norman. Indeed I couldn’t agree more about her dedication. I dont have a tv so i’m not updated about her endeavors in Brazil, but i’ve heard she’s making a lot of noise out there. I hope her performance on the pageant night is a grand one. Go Shamcey Go! ^_^

      • Norman says:

        Actually, Lester, you don’t need a TV to watch the Miss U proceedings. But a laptop or PC desktop is more indispensable in this regard. You can watch the finals on livestream. 😉

  2. joon 준 says:

    This was very cool! I really like Miss Philippines too because she’s smart and funny. I like how she never seems to take herself too seriously. And if you saw her photos with Miss Korea, I love how they are both camwhores. Ha ha ha! Nice post! ^^ Especially the last drawing.

  3. Irma says:

    love the last drawing… Go Shamcey!

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