A Year of Blogging and Running

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Boracay Chronicles, Events
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Growing up in a small town in the province made me believed that running in the streets and interest for writing are some of the symptoms of a crazy man. Weird, how come I think like that? This month holds my first year anniversary of wordpress blogging and running. My first thought of counting down the last seconds of August was “Oh God, look what I’ve become – a full year of being a crazy man.” After all this is a crazy planets.  

Special thanks to my friends and fellow bloggers who supported me. You guys mean a lot to me.

Of course I won’t let this month pass without some explosive stuffs like party time. So what are my ways of celebrating this month?

  • Yesterday I run the longest route I’ve run before in the island of Boracay. From my refugee camp in Station 2 I run to Puka Beachthe northernmost part of the island (see trail below). The only time I’ve been there was last may during an island hopping, so I have no idea what’s the roadwork waiting for me there. The weather was not cooperative but I continued anyway. I think it took me forever before I completed the roadwork. In my estimate it’s gotta be around 10 to 11 kilometers.
  • Today, I treated myself by completing the video game X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse. It’s quite a long game with bad-ass bosses, huge locations and a great story for a video game. I really enjoyed the game. By the way I’ve grown up in the 90’s marveling at the X-men cartoons every Friday night, which until today I consider the best Friday nights of a lifetime (our sala used to be filled with kids). 
  • Tomorrow I will play football/socces/futsal in the beach front with my officemates and some foreigners. Football is not my sport, never played it before, but I’m open in trying it, after all this is the dawn of the golden age of Philippine football.
  • Eat some pizza in the next payroll. I’ve tried Yellow Cab and Shakey’s already so the other candidates are likely CocoMangas and Aria Restaurant. Eating the slice is the easy part, the hard part is the guys I’ll eat with.
  • Milo Marathon. I am training for the 10k category. But I am no longer sure if I could join the Ilo-ilo City leg on September 18th but I will try my luck. My work schedule would not permit unless I sacrifice two working days. Even registering for the I realize is a pain in the @$$.
  • I’ll start creating the draft for a historical graphic novel I always wanted to make. The plot is already on my mind, I only have to put it into a paper. The concept art of the characters and location will be simultaneously made with the draft. It’s going to be a long process but I’m in no hurry for now. I just want to see a draft on hand.
  • Special blogs for Rizal Rock album, more sketches and ever crazier essays. Watch out!
  • Wall climbing, skimboarding, and cycling around the island.
  • And most especially, try out some ice creams in the island. Korean, Belgian, crepes, and fried. Good luck.

Blogging and running turned my professional life around. These two activities saved me from becoming a corporate slave. In blogging I become a versatile artist that includes sketching, writing and photography and beyond. In running I become a stronger person who will fight like hell whatever lies ahead. As long as I do them I know I am not a pushover. At least I got some balls to try new things and do some stuffs others would not normally do. This month I celebrate because these are the things that make me happy, challenge me, and influence other people. This is my year one of being a crazy man.

This is my route from my house to Puka and vice-versa.

Despite being a dummy when it comes to video games I somehow managed to complete that one.

Tutuloy ba ako o hindi? Wanted Sponsor.

  1. Jacklyn Belo says:

    Happy Anniversary Lester to your blog! Naiinggit ako sayo may post ka every week! Sana ako rin! 😀

  2. lapiskamay says:

    The year flew so fast Jackie, it’s also been a year since I saw your blog which I really appreciated.. by the way have i told you before your blog was the reason I decided to enroll in wordpress? Nakita ko sya one time, naks ganda nito, ganahan nako blog pareha ani. hehehe. Thank you very much Jackie.

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