The Crazy Man’s Routes to Paradise

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Boracay Chronicles
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This article is published on the October issue of the local newspaper Boracay Sun, titled 'Running in Paradise'.

I was infected with the running virus a year ago in the Cebu City Sports Complex while pursuing pretty girls. Later I learned there is no cure for this kind of sickness. Once the infection starts to get deep inside there is no turning back. So at dawn or at dusk I run like a crazy man. I may look like a normal office guy but deep inside my shoes is a menacing pair of feet aching to run and conquer unexplored territories. But you know what? I love every moment of it.

Last April, I was transfered here in Boracay. What’s the reason, I didn’t catch. Half of my heart tells me it is an opportunity to grow as a professional that leads to a brighter future. The other half is telling me this is an exile – banishment from pursuing lovely Cebuana’s and running with crazier people during weekends. Either way I took the assignment, enough with that ‘brighter future’ preaching and Cebuana legs were talking about Boracay! It is a dream come true and technically an unexplored territory for my feet to conquer.

The first thing I did after arriving in the island was swim in its beautiful white sand beach. The water is crystal clear, the sands powdery white and bikinis are everywhere. I think I had a stiff neck the next day.  But a neck has little to do with running unless stealing some glances on heavenly bodies by the side of the road, which I quickly realized is a constant distraction.

Over the month I disovered running in the island isn’t so bad at all. For my running regimen I discovered these three routes I am taking whenever my feets is on a roll:

Make the island colorful and crazier.

Route #1.The most distracting route to take is running by the front beach, especially during afternoons. One side displays a breathtaking golden sunset, the other holds beach beds but both of these sides are filled with beautiful half-naked women. This is truly paradise. Usually this routes starts in Station 2 in front of the Tourist Center and ends in Diniwid Beach, you know the farthest end of front beach with the rock formation. The Willy’s Rock serves as my pit stop to catch my breath and somebody else’s Frisbee. I run slower in the beach front not just because of the views but also it takes lots of effort to run there. The sands absorb your feet deeper every single step of the way so it’s double the effort compared to the road pavement. It hurts at first and really takes some adjustment to get used to.

Route #2. Another exciting route for running enthusiast to enjoy is the route by the Back Beach that takes you all the way to Mt. Luho – the highest point in the island at 100 meters above sea level. It is a challenging uphill climb good for exercising lower body muscles not commonly applied in the flat roads. I recommend climbing there before sunrise. The Mt. Luho Viewpoint resort opens their door that early for us to see a grand view of the entire island, for free. After I’m done at the viewpoint, when time permits, I don’t turn back to the way I came from, instead I continue running forward. The road on the other end serves as a secondary main road accessing the eastern side of Brgy. Balabag. The road view offers more green and less concrete atmosphere. Want to have a bonding with nature? Take this road.

The first time I used this road I thought I was lost wondering where it would take me and if it will even connect with the main road (I didn’t consult a map). Fortunately it did, you are close to the main road when you reach the Poseidon Spa with its colossal stone gate, run down that last hill and you’ll reach the Go-Kart racetrack but just ignore the dumpsite nearby. The main road is just nearby and in no time you’re back to civilization. Congratulations!

Route #3. But if you want a long and challenging run I suggest you take the main road and run all the way to the end of paradise, I mean the Puka Beach – the northernmost part of the island. I only recently take on this road to push myself some extra coverage of the island since this route could be around 11-13 kilometers back and forth from Station 2. It’s a great route to build up stamina because of its length and to increase speed since the road is generally flat. Running this route gives me the country side view of the island away from the beach front crowd and general commercialization. Make sure to pack up a bottle of water and apply some SPF against the heat.

Currently I am training my infected feet to spread love on the upcoming Ilo-ilo City leg of the 35th National Milo Marathon. I have not run before in Ilo-ilo City so it is a great opportunity to widen my dating, I mean, running horizon. I am taking the route#3 to prepare for the 10K category. Hopefully no kids will outrun me this time, it’s not easy being outrun by a 12 year old! And girls here I come. Hahaha

Though my work offers me limited time to run I am still thankful I have a job that pays for my running shoes, apparels and bottles of Pocari Sweat. In Cebu I could pair up with anyone running on the oval, but here I am fortunate just to have a time to run.  I have to admit I feel alone to see only a few running enthusiasts running on the beach and most of them are tourists, when most parts of the country are now devastated with the running virus evidenced by the growing popularity of the sports.  But I pray that someday the running will spread here in the island. Until that time come I will always continue running who knows along the road I’ll meet a dazzling lady that’ll keep me from chasing other girl, or even better I could win a person to start running.

Miss Shamcey Supsup was once asked the question, if ever you will be born again as an animal what would you want to be? She answered to become a bird because she wants to fly and see the world from above. But for me, I wanted to be born as a wild horse. Why? a.) Because I want to go wherever the winds of destiny will take me. b.) Because real men knows horses embodies the essence of a free spirit – youthful, strong and wild. Just look at the bottle of Red Horse and Colt45 to see my point. Lakas tama!

Catch me running on paradise.

  1. Good job! And good luck on your endeavors. 🙂

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