The Miss Universe the World Could Never Have

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Events
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Step aside major major because I am gonna marry someone. Her name is Shamcey Supsup. That’s a joke… Ah half-joke. Ok I admit, I meant it. If given the chance to meet her that is, which is quite the hard part. I’m just a moron stuck in an island who can’t even register in a fun run. And her… she’s a Miss Universe, well almost.

I woke up today greeted by an “its-not-my-day” feeling. I tried to run at the front using Route #1 but end up exhausted and grimacing on a sore foot. I just walk the entire route. Of course I came in late in the office – by an hour. Great.  A text message from my liason with the organizers of the Milo Marathon in Ilo-ilo City confirmed my nightmare. I can’t run this Sunday. With less than a week before the gun start I am already classified DNF – did not finish – or much accurate DNS. Did Not Start. So there will be no Ilo-ilo City backpacking this weekend. No girls to meet. No 12-year-olds to outrun me. No roadside pictorials. Nothing. Zip.

Oh please somebody give me some dark chocolates!

But anyway, I watched the Miss Universe using the illicit rendezvous I formed the other night. Thank God there’s someone or something to look forward for this day. Shamcey, go Shamcey, go girl I know you can do it. These were the phrases my mind was murmuring the entire morning. I had no doubt she would go far in the pageant night. I wasn’t surprised her named was called for the Top 16… then the Top 10… and finally to the Top Five Finalists. The only thing I did wrong the entire shebang thing all these months since Shamcey  won Binibining Pilipinas is that I was completely convinced she was gonna win the crown.

Ok everyone knows about the results that she place 3rd Runner Up, and Miss Angola won the title (Wait have you seen Miss Ukraine, is she a goddess?).  It was a fair competition the way I see it Miss Leila Lopes did win that crown fair and square. Her interpreter was magnificent.  And let’s not talk about anything other than that question (wait, I think Ms. Australia was smoking hot with her lingerie, I mean is that even an evening gown?).

The question goes like this: “Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love? Why or why not?”

She answered confidently in full English glory: “If I had to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person that I love because the first person that I love is God who created me and I have my faith and my principles and this is what makes me who I am. And if that person loves me, he should love my God too,

Over the next 12 months this Q and A will be debated bit by bit, at every possible angle, and it could even go to the Senate.

My approach on this one is simple: Thanks God that question is much much better than what Venus Raj got last year. It’s a good, dumb-free question meant to be answered good too. (How could someone ask someone about the biggest mistake of their life? Dumb. That’s a novel to write for, not a MissU question). And if somebody ask me that question, ahh I dunno I’m not the marrying type.

That was a tough question – the type that draws the line between separate ideas and beliefs, a smart question not to be deciphered by logic but answered by the truest form of the heart. For sure sides were drawn today: those who praise Shamcey’s answer and those who considered it odd.

But Shamcey’s answer showed the whole world one important aspect of her life – here love and dedication to God. Now that’s something really Filipina. We looked at her because of her beauty, her stunning physique, her dedication to what she sets her eye into and her mindboggling intellectual qualifications but we somehow forgot to look at her religious views. Had she answered the other way around she would have won, because people tends to put religion behind love, and that’s acceptable in the modern world. In my opinion, Shamcey answered just the way she would have want it – something true, faithful and fearless. And she delivered the bomb in full English without the aid of an interpreter.

For that I admire her even more. I really have to marry this lady. C’mon we’re both Christians, so perfect that none of us are changing religions. Estoryahee! hahaha.

She may have come up short to the eyes of the judges but for us Filipinos we know she will always be our best Miss Universe the world could never have. Shamcey we are all so proud of you. Thank for making our country so proud today. Congratulations.


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