The Universal Language Called Love and Soccer

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Boracay Chronicles, Drawing
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Imagine a world without language barriers. Where people from Country A can openly start a conversation to a Country B citizen. People can just share practical ideas or even the silliest jokes to everyone with different backgrounds and culture. And imagine me dating a Korean lady here in this island without bribing her tour guide. That sounds fantastic. A world where people are speaking a single language can make our life on earth better and less complicated. But on the second thought, is it?

But hey wake up! This is the 21st century and nobody invented yet a translating device. Koreans, Taiwanese and Russians and from wherever on earth they come from still come and go without having meaningful relationship with the locals because everyone speaks different languages that are not even English. The way I see these tourists the way they walk,  the way they spend money, the way they shoot photos, the way they hold their loved one’s hand – my God they  are so much alike the way Filipinos do. But those young people, lovers, loners, groups, duet, solo, they go to Boracay just to have fun – not to bring up their studies or profession. I swear they would have made good friends to the young Filipino living here. But let’s face it; we don’t understand each other’s language. That’s the problem in Boracay. And it sucks, just like the saying “Everything in Boracay are expensive (as in dollars) except for one thing, the salaries.”

This post is not about pressing some issues and craps about the Boracay Lifestyle, but just a simple reminder there are things here where people from different countries can communicate.  These things are spoken by every heart that anybody could relate to them without uttering a single word.

Language #1: Soccer – Considered as the most popular sports in the world except the Philippines where young people still dream the American Dream and the NBA. But then came the Azkals – composed with halfbreed half-Filipinos who look like billboard models waltzing around the Suzuki Cup last year. And suddenly the Filipinos took notice of soccer.

Arabians playing with Pinoys in the beach with slippers as goal post, they're not even Havaianas.

I played my first soccer game last week, and it took me 23 years and a 23 year-old Saudi Arabian to try it. My co-workers who also played soccer during their college (take note Before Azkal) struck some connections with the Arab guests to play soccer in the beach. I was invited and I said yes, I wanna try kicking some balls. But here’s the deal the Arabs doesn’t speak English, except Mazel, the leader of the group. We played at the beach as if we’ve been friends for a long time. No words were needed just kick the goddamn ball. In between the game I realized why the world is so crazy over this game.

 It’s my first time to play without training but there I was playing with the foreigners who’ve playing the game since they were five! Mazel was very good with dribbling the ball; I have no idea how to prevent from scoring goal after goal. My co-workers are fairly good too, varsity players they were I learned. But anyway I did not suck at all because I scored one goal. One goal. Hahaha

Language #2: Love – There’s no need to elaborate this subject matter. It makes the whole world go round. Movies from every country were made out of love, because of love, and for love. Remember those F4 songs, Filipinos used to sing them with passion without understanding its lyrics. The musical Miss Saigon is about an American soldier falling for a Vietnamese. Remember Ju-mong and his heroics. They came to the country to spread something we are all familiar with and all these years we accepted them as if they are our own stories because of the crazy little thing called LOVE.  Btw, that Thailand film with the Mario guy sucks.

And speaking of love and the universe which have a common denominator of a goddess named Shamcey Supsup, I would like to clarify some things about her and me (It’s not showbiz promise). Ok, I have a very big crush on her which is obvious but nothing more. I mean, we all love Shamcey especially now that she made us far by reaching very far in the Miss U, but me dreaming of one day marrying her. That’s ridiculous. My apologies to my previous post, I know that was misleading but it’s only a figure of speech to express admirations not T.L. (true love).  I mean I’m just a regular guy with simple dreams in life but Shamcey? She’s so perfect and she’s something bigger like the universe itself. Unfortunately some people teased when the news broke that Shamcey’s got a boyfriend already. But sorry guys I am not affected, she’s 25 and she deserves to be happy. Trust me, with all honesty, I am very happy for her.

The rise of the human civilization have caused the Planet Earth’s  darkest age with its rampant use of its resources, abusing the balanced cycle of life towards destruction. I think God was right not to give us a universal verbal language; otherwise we would have already screwed up, even destroyed the planet generations ago. For now let’s be contented on playing and watching soccer games and speak love to our loved ones. Perhaps people from all over the world are not meant to understand one another.

  1. Jacklyn Belo says:

    For me, my universal language is love and music. because the do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do in the Philippines is the same with the do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do in China and in all parts of the world…wala..random thoughts lang…By the way, I like Supsup’s answer. the love for God should be greater than the love for a man..Sorry to hear, that she’s taken.hehe

  2. aylablahs says:

    God I miss playing football (in the rain). Yes ang arte may rain component pa na kailangan! I used to play before sa Sunken Garden in UP after classes. Keep on kicking balls Lester!

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