Photo courtesy from Yahoo.PH

If one would ask me about my top five favorite spot in Metro Manila I can assure Roxas Blvd. or the Baywalk would be on that list. Nothing in the world can you see paradoxical mix of a beautiful sunset, a powerhouse embassy, polluted sea and a boulevard of broken dreams from lonely people, sluts and beggars rolled up into one setting in the very heart of the nation.  But now that the boulevard is damaged or destroyed by the lashing of typhoon Pedring last week I found an unexpected reason to still love the place. Please take a close in the picture above.

The picture may look authentic at first sight but under the curious evil eye of the guy behind the blog, you’ll likely say ‘hey this is photoshopped!’ Whoever edited and uploaded the picture sure needs more practice in the beautiful art of photoshop.So the rage against the ‘utak-wangwang’ on the internet begins. The photo was uploaded in facebook last week by a DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways) insider probably to make sip-sip moves to the big shits. But what seemed to be a not-so-honest minor issue inside the department became a national scandal and well a now iconic comical object for photoshoppers like me.  

 The poorly edited photo featuring three DPWH big shits (that’s a literal translation of the bisayan term dagko’g tae, a metaphor for high ranking officials) supposedly  posing as if looking for a cat, I mean assessing the damage in the area during the aftermath of the typhoon have gone viral the past few days, I can’t help to ignore this anymore. It very unlucky for the three guys on the picture, c’mon its may not be their fault but its just that people are so f***ing tired and pissed off seeing tarpaulins and killer smiling faces of traditional politicians and government officials over their good deeds that they are supposed to be doing because elected to do it at the first place. (Gets nyo?) 

So from the ruins of Baywalk Blvd. comes a light of humor courtesy of my fellow bad-ass ‘shoppers from this FB page. The name of the virus is now called “DPWH Goes Places”.

dpwh beatles

Let’s not debate on who and whose not to blame for this fiasco. It doesn’t matter if we could even get a whole hearted apology from DPWH. The Filipino people just want to see honesty and integrity in the call of duty, not a fake photo. And to all the photoshop-literate out there let’s get the fever rolling. Hopefully we can send some chilling message to those in power to just lie low and do their jobs.

And by the way, hey I cant end this post without showing offsome of my bad-ass ‘shopping skills!

"DPWH Goes to Leyte Landing" Hmmm I think that explains why our roads there are defective.

"DPWH Goes To Situation Room" This photo was taken during the actual time of the Osama Bin Ladin raid as Top US big shits watch in awe.

"DPWH goes to Iwo Jima" One iconic photo from WWII, taken from the movie poster of 'Flags of Our Father'


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