DPWH Goes To Boracay! (at the back is the Willy's Rock at Station 1)

 The great photoshop fiasco caused by the DPWH have been a massive hit over the internet these past week. Just the other day TV Patrol’s comical segment ‘Mga Kwento ni Mark Logan’ featured the edited photo and its many incarnations under the DPWH Goes Places campaign where the three officials are seen on several locations (from the Miss Universe pageant to the moon), iconic photos (with the Beatles), a lot of movies and a cameo of a Lady Gaga music video. Man, those three are now famous! They even landed on the Washing Post.

My last post has been a statistical success too garnering a tsunami of hits and not even a single soul clicked the like button or left a comment.In hollywood a film with a huge gross at the box office often gets a sequel, and truly I felt obliged to follow that trend. So here goes the sequel post about the national issue. Instead of taking the three officials to far far away places and more movie roles I choose to treat them to a vacation here in the island of Boracay (I reckon they really need a lot of that after all these sudden rise to popularity).


The trio is seen in the great bonfire site at Station 1.


Girls with big cams are so common in the island, and those gadgets always turns me on. Their common subject however are not the TNL (tunay na lalake) like me but the sunset.


The three officials enjoying a hot summer day in Puka Beach at the northern tip of paradise.


A perfect vacation in Boracay will never be complete without a picture of the majestic Boracay Sunset.


Before departing the island the officials were seen at D'Mall debating as to what souvenir item they'd buy they will give to their fans.

All the photos posted are my shots with the exception of the girl with the big cam, I stole it from Wikipedia’s Boracay Island page. I just have a crush on the girl the way I crave for her gadget. ^_^ I hope you enjoyed my works as much as the tree officials did on their vacation.

And please leave some comments and like this post!

  1. aylablahs says:

    This post made me laugh! Good job sa photoshop sa kanila, and oh, we’ll be visiting Boracay this month. Baka makita kita!

    • lapiskamay says:

      Hi there, finally a comment! Thanks God magsisimba ako this sunday talaga.
      thanks those three are really the star of last week.
      Wow nice to hear you’ll be visiting Boracay this month! Of course you’ll see me.. magpapalibre ako sayo eh! hahaha. (just watch out for me during sunset sa beach: weird looking TNL running and with a blue Adidas running shoes). Ah basta sabihan mo nalang ako kung when kayo punta dito.

  2. aylablahs says:

    Hahaha. Sure sure, we’ll be there from the 21st to the 23rd of the month. 🙂

  3. Jay says:

    Very, very lovely. They are so hardworking, eh? They are so frustrating, also! Haha.

    • lapiskamay says:

      hi thanks for visiting! I think they are hardworking too, its just that they were involved in the fiasco so they’re the unfortunate posterboys for the frustating guys in the govmt.

  4. […] love the concept of (mocking) praising a god/superhero so I decided to join the bandwagon just like last year’s spoof on the DPWH officials. I have a feeling I’m already late in the party hahaha. Anyways here’s my Thor […]

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