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Posted: October 25, 2011 in Journals
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It was during typhoon Pedring’s wake a couple of weeks ago when I received a copy of the Boracay Sun. And again I got one of my articles published in it, only this time it is in perfect full page glory! The title was “Running In Paradise” it’s the extended and extensively edited version of my previous blog post “Crazy Man’s Routes in Paradise” about running lifestyle.

The Boracay Sun by the way is a free monthly newspaper distributed here in Boracay Island by  Global Integrated Media Ltd. Again the paper is free for all the tourists and Boracaynons to enjoy. The paper is fully colored printed and the contents are nice fully exclusive about the happenings in the island. The reason the paper is published at zip is that it caters a lot of advertisements from resorts, restaurants and many business establishments. I love the paper the first time I read it, I love the idea of free papers, and I love to tourists reading them. I knew I have to infiltrate their publication, which I did. It’s my third contribution already.

Full page, almost. ok lang di ko nga mbasa ang korean article.

Ok this is the ‘magyayabang-muna-ako’ part. Although not a writer or journalist by profession, I am not new seeing my works published. My first taste of being published was on a college paper, I think it was in full page (nagyabang). I was part of the college publication then as a contributor and artist. Then post college, when I was in Glodenco for my review, my roommates and I successfully generated a weekly paper in our dormitory. I just got lucky to have some brilliant minds as roommates. A few month later my name was published as one of the passers for the October 2009 CPA Board Exams in the Manila Bulletin (does this count?). During my first work,  started to read the Philippine Daily Inquirer just to kill some office hours and that’s how I discovered the great YOUNGBLOOD column (published every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the opinion column).  After submitting articles three or four times in a span of one year  I got myself printed on national newspapers (When I Die published on March 31, 2011 issue). Boracay Sun is my current area of infiltration. Those and this current blog domain caps up my entire writing career.

A lot of people asked me my how much I received for an articles I published. But I am not sure if everybody believes me that I never received a single centavo. Zip. No I wasn’t a scholar in college. I am already satisfied just to see my name and my works printed. There’s that special joy when you grab a paper and suddenly sees my name on it. I relish the moment when I see people reading my works, and I am even happier when they’d congratulate me on my articles that they like it and they’re teasing me for the cheesy lines. What can I ask for anything more than that? For me money, fame and connections from publishing and blogging only come in a consolation.

a photo of the March 31, 2011 issue of the Inquirer, featuring my first Youngblood appearance.

This may not be an official publication but we sure did have a lot of fun making our dormitory paper. The .pdf copy is available in the next post.

  1. aylablahs says:

    Sushal! Once pa lang ata ako na-publish sa dyaryo, wala pa akong kopya and tabloid pa! (For winning in an Aboitiz-sponsored essay writing contest.) High five Lester!

  2. john tugano says:

    Hi lester..nanghalukay lang ng post hehehe.. Because of your article na tungkol sa Yolanda na sinend mo sa PDI na sabi mo walang chance mapublish pero ibblog mo parin, kaya nalaman q yung tungkiol sa youngblood. Nakasubscribe kasi aq sa blog mo thru email kaya kahit sa work updated aq sa posts mo kaya aun one day, nabasa q yung post mo and sabi q anung youngblood? Then I got interested then sabi q what if aq din… hehehe at aun…Ang saya pala..hehe

    • Lapiskamay says:

      Hi John! ay nako. ikaw pa. Dapat you should pursue it once again! Once is good, but twice is a charm! 🙂
      aba bagong blog ah. Congratz and goodluck.

      naghalungkat kapa. hehe salamat!

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