It’s the eve of Halloween tonight. It will be my first time to spend it outside my hometown in Southern Leyte so I wont be visiting any of my dearly departed folks out there. But I would surely miss the atmosphere of actually being inside the cemetery, the noise, the jokes, the spooky stories and the task of cleaning the tombs.

But being away from home, and actually being stuck in an island paradise doesn’t mean I would be partying the night out in costume parties at Station 1 to 3 . By the way, I never been to those kind of annual activities, wala yan sa probinxa noh. The unfortunate fact is that I’ll be spending this Halloween season and the long weekend inside a hotel office, on a sickening 12-hour  graveyard shift. Just great. This holiday is already screwed beyond repair last Friday.

It was a payday Friday, and our Audit Director from Cebu office is in town together with some of my office mates out there. I still can’t believe nobody even had the decency to invite me or left/replied me a message where’s the venue of the audit night-out so that I can make catch-up past midnight during my graveyard shift.  Hey daywalkers, in case you forgot,  I still exist! You know that feeling of being left behind and forgotten, its like getting stab up front by the person you consider your life support.

But I realize why should I feel bad about it. I forgot I am no celebrity, I am just an extra redundancy this time playing  a pushover role only remembered when needed, you know underdog stuffs like that in the movies. Its quite pretty cool to be in that situation, I feel like I’m on the shoes of Heath Ledger when he prepared for the role of the Joker as he isolated himself from the outside world to get to the point of madness to create that megalomania’s mindset.

Speaking of role-playing, a good role cannot become an authentic without a costume.  Maybe, if God willing, I’d be fortunate enough to be  on a better company (and a normal work hours) for next year’s Halloween. Perhaps I will finally attend a costume party. And below is my top 5 costumes I considering to come up with:

5. A Spartan, 300 – Ok ok, don’t raise those eyebrows too high just yet. I know I don’t have those abs yet, I am not even that hot or close to the testosterone level of it, but the key phrase is “I am hitting the gym already”. With good attendance at it, and a healthy continous running lifestyle. Oh.. we just cant tell.

I think I have to pass on the spandex below the abs.. jeans will do.

4. Freddy Krugerrr… But if the bad things come to life, and I end up getting sick sinking deep into madness and evil. I might opt to go for this character. Man those sweater are lovely…bitch.

I really like his hat. For me its a stuff of fashion legend.

3. Magneto of X-men: First Class  – Oh boy that movie rocks! Finally a respectable film of the X-men franchise after that terrible X3 and Wolverine. Grabbing the spotlight on this bad-ass film is Michael Fassbender with his electrifying portrayal of Magneto. He suddenly makes the bad guys so bad-ass and freakin’ cool!


Somebody else's car is going to miss their seatbelts next year. but where am I gonna find that helmet.

2. Batman Ninja of Batman Beginsbut when it comes to my all-time favorite origins story it is going to be Christopher Nolan‘s fantastic take on the Batman saga in Batman Begins. Yeah I’m a big fan of the Dark Knight, and his ninja origins with Liam Neeson is simply unforgettable.

picture from Batman Begins

Christian Bale mabe the least Batman-ish actor to portray the DK, but WTF with $2B and one more movie to go. He's the man.

1. Edward Scissorhands – Why’s he my number 1, look at this webpage and make a mental note that you wont be reading anything if it’s not for Edward. He’s my all-time favorite character, and it’s a fitting holiday if I gear like him. It’s everything I am = gothic + quirky + Tim Burton + awkward.

Ah guys, where do we buy scissors that big?

Next post is a Then I Draw Again sequel featuring my concept arts (sketches) of what these costumes will look like. 

  1. aylablahs says:

    I think you have to use yung gardening scissors for Edward! Will wait for your sketches!

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