Then I Draw Again: For Sparta!

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Drawing, Film
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Hello guys! As promised this post will feature my sketches the way I take on some characters as my potential Halloween party get-up next year. But I have to disappoint you a bit since I have a hard time finding (or stealing) some time to draw these past few days. So I could only come up with one sketch, the Number 5 – as Spartan warrior! Well I hope you like it.

Important notes:

1. There’s really no way I’m going to sport a spandex brief like in the movie on that costume! hahaha. If I have to push through with that costume I think it should as sexy like the guys at the Cosmo Bachelor’s Party. Cool guys + six pack abs + jeans.

2. The helmet, the spear and the shield will come as an upgrade. As long as I can find any of them I’ll use it. But I better stick to that swords since it will come in handy.

3.  I will only wear this costume if I can pull-off that abs, and assuming I cannot do the Edward Scissorhand outfit which is my top priority. I have one full year to hit the gym.

Prior to doing the sketch, I made a rerun of the film and surprise surprise look who I found out:

remember this scene?

That almost naked flying guy turn out to be Michael Fassbender! My God I just realized he was a part of that movie! I am really now a big fan of his, and really he’s making it big nowaday as this year’s breakout star.

And of course, (still) my favorite cut of the movie  that makes me wanna strip off , find a trash can cover and go slashing in the streets was the part where the battle harden King Leonidas crying “For Sparta!”

More sketches coming up.

  1. aylablahs says:

    Will wait for the abs. LOL.

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