I needed some thrill and yes, see some daylight, so yesterday I went backpacking to Kalibo. Armed with only a thousand pesos, my purpose of my travel are to donate my blood in the Red Cross, experience city life of the town and visit some huge trees that were featured in the Inquirer.  This is the first part of a trilogy chronicling the events of yesterday’s trip. This is Kalibo Trilogy.

I had my 21st blood donation yesterday. But not before having the shock of a lifetime of having my blood pressure marked as ‘high blood’ – twice! I had to sleep in the office not because of work but so that I’ll get up as planned. Sleep wasn’t easy nowadays, so I think that’s one of the factors of registering a 130/110 in the first couple of tests. Other factors maybe my carbo-laden diet, not running and hitting the gym for two straight weeks.

Pinned down for the 21st time!

But I just can’t believe I’m only 23, looking fit (and hot) and I’m already high blood! Pakensyit. Those moments I swear I prayed that I’ll religiously hit the gym, go on road rage every afternoon and watch what I am eating. I saw the poster that the Red Cross is organizing a nationwide fun run called “Million Volunteer Run” so I said to myself ‘Alright Lord, I travelled all the way from Boracay just to have this donation, if my pressure is still high the next test then I won’t be able to donate and will waste hard-earned money and day-off, just let me donate today and I’ll join the fun run”. The next BP my pressure clocked in normal. Great!

I stared at the registration form for the longest of time whether I'd run or not.. man that decision cost me P500.

The registration fee worth P500 pesos for professionals, and it hurts pretty bad on my pocket. Haha. But anyway I’m glad I will be able to join a fun run only for the second time this year, the first one was last February’s Operation Smile Run in Cebu City. Since I’m feeling bad-ass, I think I’ll be gearing for a Top10 finish or at least a sub-25minute finish. I have one month to prepare.

The Kalibo Red Cross chapter was surprisingly smaller than the other chapters I’ve been to. But I think it is sufficiently well equipped. It is located near the center of the townlike city. Previously I really thought the nearest Red Cross from Boracay is in Ilo-ilo City, a 6 hours drive away from the island. So imagine my delight to find out of about Kalibo! They have this big board inside and inscribed was a sort of blood donor’s pledge titled “A Commitment To My Fellowmen” and all over it are autographs from people who signed. I think it’s pretty cool! Of course I signed on it, after all I’ve made the same promise five years ago – I guess that make that one officially binding.

A donor's promise just got official!

The bleeding process came in the normal way. Med-techs always have a hard time finding that particular vein to pin down. They will first search for it on my right hand then transfer to my left because it’s too small, but only to find out that on my left arm they can’t see any at all. Hahaha they love to stab my right arm. My arms are really bad-ass according to them because they’re particularly tricky to bleed.

So there’s goes my 21st blood donation. I’ve really come a long way since. But I still can’t define why I am doing this over and over again. Of course there’s always that altruistic reason to help other’s life. Maybe I am doing what I think is my moral obligation to give back. I really love the thought of giving back without hurting the pocket. But as a licensed accountant, I recognize blood donating an investment because you’ll just never know when you and even your love ones will be needing it at the end.

But on the second thought, I think I just want to donate that day so that I can have a valid excuse to litter around and be the bad-ass who’s not fucking afraid of some needles.

* * *

P.S. Last week my big sister uploaded this picture on her FB page. Wha! Finally I finally convinced her to donate. I’m so proud of you Ate Gretch! hehe keep it up :p

Welcome the club, sister.

  1. aylablahs says:

    Wow, this is very noble of you Lester. 🙂 High five!

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