Kalibo Daylight

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Boracay Chronicles, Photography, Travels
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With only a thousand pesos, I decided to go backpacking to the Aklan capital town of Kalibo. I wanted to donate my blood, see the big town, and to catch a glimpse of century of sentinels of Numancia. This is the second part of the trilogy chronicling the events of last Tuesday’s trip. This is Kalibo Trilogy.

Last Tuesday I’ve got a full day’s rest and in a quick burst of inspiration I’ve decided to go on a backpacking trip to a nearby town Kalibo, the capital of Aklan. I wanted to visit the town because I was curious that despite having several malls and an international airport that caters tourist heading for Boracay it is not yet made into a city. Although that travel yielded no answer to my curiosity I was able to experience what it feels like to be there and experience cityscape away from the island blues of night. I can hardly believe I am suddenly walking in the warm and bright Kalibo daylight.

As a traveler I deliberately estimated my time of arrival before 8am, just in time to see flocks of college girls in uniforms gearing up for their campuses. I’ve heard Kalibo is teeming with beautiful young women. But half past nine already and I haven’t seen a single kolehiyala and only then I realized it was a local holiday. The entire province of Aklan is celebrating Godofredo Ramos Day every 8th of November.

According to Google this is Cong. Godofredo Ramos.

According to my research, Godofredo P. Ramos is the Father of Aklan because as a congressman, he authored House Bill NO. 334 that paved the separation of Aklan from the province of Capiz. He was a native of Malay town, where Boracay is located.

The bill was approved by the House of Representatives on May 9, 1955 and by the senate on April 16, 1956. It was finally signed by President Ramon Magsaysay as Republic Act No. 1414.

I spent the whole daydreaming inside a coffeehouse called ACC Kitchenm’x. The place is probably a known tambayan among students during schooldays. I ordered a cup of coffee and some biscuits as my breakfast. As I was sipping my coffee, I noticed there are nice stuffs hanging in their walls. There were foreign bills and coins framed to the wall, some are old I could tell. But what makes the place classy was that so far in the five cities I’ve lived in the last couple years; it’s the only establishment bad-ass enough to display imported cutleries called spoons. Based on the designs those were probably from European countries. Their wall is so fun to watch!

Since catching a glimpse of some pretty girls is all but gone, I decided I should proceed to my main destination at the Red Cross Kalibo chapter. There I got my 21st blood donation for the Red Cross, registered for a fun run next month, and had the shock of a lifetime of having high blood pressure at the age of 23. The whole process took only around 30 minutes with plenty of time to litter around the big town.

There’s no better place to kill some time than to spend it at a mall, so I went to Gaisano – the town’s biggest mall. C’mon I want to eat a hearty meal and drink lots of Gatorade fluid after my strength dwindle down after the bloodletting.  Fortunately the department store was big inside the mall, with Jollibee and Mang Inasal for lunch options. I chose the latter because I love their Paborito Meals with unlimited extra rice! I also tried Mang’s halo-halo (still nothing beats the Chow King ones).

The Gaisano mall in Kalibo.

Thanks God, Mang Inasal!

Eat hungry man, for tonight you'll dine at work!

Because my budget was tight I spent most of the time window shopping hahaha. But anyways I still hit the jackpot at the end of the day. Look what I found at a BookSale outlet: a classy soft bound modern edition of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, for only P145! It is really in great shape, as in fresh from the box. Now I’m really excited to read that one next year. BTW, the movie adaptation of The Hobbit will be released next year too! I also bought another book for P45, I think it’s a nice romance story set on a Christmas. Hopefully my sweet friend RC-san will like this for Christmas.

Finally, I now have a copy of this one!

I was all set and tired by mid afternoon (blame it on the lost 450cc of blood), ready to go back to Boracay. But then since I’m already there, why not exert additional strength to make pedikabing around the cityscape and see whether anyone could tell me directions toward the nearby town of Numancia. It turned out easy to navigate the whole place through pedicab because the drivers are friendly to tourists and open for suggestions where to go and where to stay the next I’ll visit there.

Your friendly neighborhood pedicabs!

Oh God I really love to travel, I love the thrill, the sense of adventure in trekking the unknown, unconquered places. I love to see the normal lives of the inhabitants and how they interact with the gaijens and tourists. I would have loved to go for a taste for their delicacy had time was on my side. But still it was a great experience being there, see the sights, breath the air they breath, and feel the warmth of daylight.

In no time I was in Albasan, Numancia the home of the century old sentinels…

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