Pacquiao, Marquez: Real Life Batman and Joker

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Events, Film, Journals
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For the third time in seven years Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez has divided the whole world into two opposite debates. Last Saturday’s epic third installment of what could be one of the world’s greatest boxing rivalry only raised questions than answers as who among them is the better fighter. Thirty six rounds of war aren’t enough to measure the two… ‘as if these two were destined for each other. This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object.’

The last two sentences were taken from another mega blockbuster stand-off between two fierce rivals, The Batman and The Joker, in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

In boxing there is no good guy and bad guy, only a winner and the conquered. Both fighters will do their best to subdue and outclass the other. But in the world of Batman, he is the silent protector, the watchful guardian, the dark knight. His nemesis is the menacing Joker, the kind of homicidal maniac who just wants to watch the world burn. The latter is Pacquiao the seemingly unstoppable force whose invincibility has carved a bloody trail of Mexican blood; the former befits the brilliant tactician Marquez whose counter-pounching abilities fashioned the best defensive enigma a Pacman can never solve. They are born to fight each other and the outcome of their unforgettable trilogy will be debated forever. Like the Joker said, “We are destined to do this forever…”


But if you asked me how did The Joker, I mean Pacquiao, won? Rule Number One: Nothing is given free so take it. Batman in the comics is always the aggressor to protect the city of Gotham from the menace of the underwold king Joker. Since Pacquiao is the champion during that match, Marquez greatest mistake was not taking the fight to Pacquiao. Instead he relied on his amazing defensive schemes to outpoint the champion. The batman named Marquez was all pure defense during that match, in fact  in all of their three matches. He let the Joker deliver the fight to him. And that’s no good for any comic book fan, or in that case the judges. In close fights, the judges will always favor the aggressor.

The controversial result that favored the Pacquiao was never based on the premise that he is the champion, (or that the League of Shadows/Mafia controlled the judges’ decisions), maybe because Marquez was such an ass for not facing the Pacman toe-to-toe. But the way I see it, I think Marquez did won that fight. I am no boxing expert so never mind I got it wrong hahaha.

But the last laugh will always come from the Joker, the unstoppable force. The Joker had Harvey Dent as his ace in the film; Pacquiao might have just bluffed the world with Marquez. Because on the second thought, maybe Manny just went soft on Marquez and made it a close as it shouldn’t have been… Only to lure the Mayweather into thinking that he can beat Pacquiao. If that’s the case the Joker truly won.

  1. Hot Fix says:

    I like your analysis of the fight is is spot on. My wife and I just came back from Boracay and stayed next door to his island getaway. If you ever want some fun stay at the Mansion, e-mail me and I will introduce you to the manager and provide details. But promise no bath beads/suds in the infinity pool and no pole dancing etc. We then went to the Regency for a week and had plan to look you up, but was not sure if you were working. Anyway, always like your post and hearing from Boracay. HF -Tampa

    • lapiskamay says:

      wow thanks for visiting my blog sir, I didn’t knew you were following me. I really really hope you enjoyed your vacation here in Boracay. I’m at the Crown Regency, not in Boracay Regency or the Regency Lagoon. for sure you wouldn’t me during daylight. I’m in graveyard shift! haha. I hope you visit the island again.

  2. PM says:

    you know i really want to comment on the boxing match but i really love this line: ‘as if these two were destined for each other. This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object.’ it is so cool! i never watched batman films you see so this is my first time to hear this. it is truly awesome. i wish i was the one who said it!

    • lapiskamay says:

      You should make a post about the fight! di pa huli ang lahat, ibuhos mo dun lahat ng mga hinanakit at feelings mo sa laban. hehe. Cool talaga ang mga lines sa The Dark Knight, si Heath Ledger nagsabi nun. you should see Batman films specially the last two by Christopher NOlan (Batman Begins at The DK). Marami kang mapupulot na linya dun..pramiss.

  3. Dorm Boy says:

    I like the analogy. Para sa akin kasi kung performance sa laban it should be Marquez with his effective and accurate counter punching. Pero tama ka he is almost there yet failed to finish the fight on a high note.

    Natawa nga ako kasi ung friend ko sa FB nagpost na… na nagbebenta na sya ng Tiket for May 2012 Pacman Marquez IV! Tapos all of a sudded… si Pacman pa rin ang nanalo!

  4. lapiskamay says:

    thanks for visting my blog pare, cool din yung sayo mala-fb dating. hehe

    Yun din nafeel ko after ng 12th round, akala ko talaga panalo si Marquez kasi solid ang defensa, nafrustrate nya ang atake ni Manny, at talagang mataas ang percentage ng tumamang suntok nya.
    Kaso talagang mas maraming nabitawan si manny na suntok. Sana pinakita ni Marquez kunting agressiveness..

    Nakz may part 4 talaga? hehe. pwede rin cguro pero maraming mga factors na icoconsider, ayaw ni ROach, nagtampo si Marquez, at di hamak maghahamon na si Mayweather kay Manny!

    Pacquio vs Mayweather this May 2012, kasabay ng Avengers! hahaha

  5. Im not that fan of boxing neither the movie of Batman. Haha. but I like your analysis it somehow all make sense to me. 😀

  6. lapiskamay says:

    gee thanks akala ko magulo pagka.analyze ko ng laban. hehe buti naman may sense na pala ako. hehehe. You should really watch Christopher Nolan’s Batman or any of his films.

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