Dear Santa (I think) I’ve Been Good Wish List

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Boracay Chronicles, Events
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Oh my, just a month to go and it’s already Christmas! Actually I really haven’t planned anything to do this year. Actually I’m not even looking forward for Christmas because it’s going to be one real tough season to endure. I can’t go home to my province in Southern Leyte for the holidays. So there will be a lot of first times this season: first time to be away from home, first time a family member will miss the noche Buena, the media noche, and the first time I’m working during the holidays. But anyways that’s part of growing up and own up to my responsibilities blah blahs. But at Christmas and New Year’s Eve I’m sure gonna party around. Who says I have no life? Hahaha

So as a general year in review question, have I’ve been naughty or nice this year? Well, that’s a tough question.. ahm I think I’ve been nice, but it still depend what aspect of my being is concerned. As a son, yes I’ve been nice! As a professional, not so nice, I’ve been hardheaded to my immediate heads but a fantastic co-workers all year. But as an artist, hell No, I’ve been so bad this year because I’ve not done my assignments, and learned nothing at all (I have my job to blame).

Just last week I’ve learned that my new blogger friend, Prinsesa Musang, is organizing a Kris Kringle sort of thing exclusively for bloggers (ah the amazing online organisms). I found the idea fresh and a welcome relief, after I deliberately skipped joining the company’s version of it because I’m likely going miss all the fun (trust me any activities we have is not recommended for nocturnal people). The title of the big blogger exchange gift is“Dear Santa, I’ve been good.” kindly click the link to see the details. You can still join until the 26th!

So as a requirement here’s my ‘Dear Santa I’ve Been Good Wish List’ (don’t you dare judge me).

Something small: a pencil eraser,

Something big: World Peace! (I know nobody will attempt to send me something big, so what the heck)

Something cute: a picture of Alodia Gosiengfiao (cute naman talaga sya ah!), optional personal greetings at the back

Something soft:  marshmallows! (grownups do have the right to enjoy them) hahaha

Something techie: an external drive casing

Something fancy: just send me the P100, so I can have a JRR Tolkien emblem henna tattoo!

Something blue: I like those Staedler pencils at National Bookstores. hehe

Something wearable: anything that has something to do with the Batman

Something you need: prosthetic fangs (lubos-lubosin ko nalang pagigging vampira ko)

Something I can use for work: ballpens (I misplace mine everytime)

Something sweet: Selecta cornetto, the red one.

Dear Santa I’ve Been Good and I really, really, really want: a can of beer.

Good luck to my manita!

  1. Nortehanon says:

    Oh, so you’re joining PM’s exchange gift. Glad to see a new name among the participants. I joined last hear and I’m joining this year. I still have to write my post, though. Late na ako haha.

    Good luck to you….and to your manita 🙂

    • lapiskamay says:

      hello! I thought you were a guy, but hey nice blog! By the way, I came from Southern Leyte so we are regionmates or kababayan! nice to see some new names around here too. Good luck to your manito too!

      • Nortehanon says:

        And I hope I can pick you, too! Unang item pa lang, I have loads of them—erasers! hahaha!

        Uy, taga-Region 8 ka? I don’t know but there’s something that makes me grin with smile whenever I meet a blogger from our region. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many bloggers from our place. So Cebuano ka pala. Southern Leyte speaks Cebuano, right?

      • lapiskamay says:

        hahaha. simpleng hiling, simpleng tao. oo taga region 8 ko. na arang ka bisaya jud nako. hehehe. really nice to hear from another blogger from our region.

  2. PM says:

    OM i wish you were my partner, your list is so workable 😀 thanks for joining again! hopefully other people will put up their list and we can have a blast. i love the bit about how you break up the details of whether you’ve been naughty or nice. i’ve never missed the holidays without my family. we’re always together. but i think the experience will surely be fun for you 😀

    • lapiskamay says:

      hello Miss PM, thanks for reading mine. I’m not really particular with material things, I do enjoy simple things, and to think I have to consider the other party. mababaw lang kaligayan ko noh! haha. I’m more of a giver actually.

      so should i send you my details over emails?

      • PM says:

        cool. i like givers. i like it that you said giver and not a spoiler. 😆 i sent you the email already. hit back when you see it!

  3. cheesecake says:

    I hope real life friend ko si Alodia para wala na akong problema sa picture at signature niya. I bet it would be worth more than the P200. Kaso hindi e. lol.

    Good day!

  4. lapiskamay says:

    ah kaya pala.. actually mas type ko nga rin si Ashley sa kaastigan niya. pero Alodia is more of the artist talaga, Ashli is the musical type. no ba tong pinagssabi ko.

    I’ve heard of her when i bumped into her deviantart account, magaling mga gwa nya. hehe kahit sino na talaga nakikita sya eh.

  5. aylablahs says:

    Your list is awesome! Kayang-kaya ibigay lahat!

  6. Nortehanon says:

    Hmn, magpapadala na ako ng can of beer hahaha!

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